Character / Virtue:

Thoughts of Teachers and Parents:


"This program does more to bring young people and adults to a resolve about the standards by which they will choose to live their lives than any other program I've ever witnessed." 

- Penny Shell, Teacher, Whitesburg Middle


"Project American Life is an outstanding, dynamic character-building program.  I wish it could be seen on TV by millions of adults and children -- reality TV at its best!" 

- Rebecca Podolski, Teacher, Highlands Elementary


"Once again, I come back to school absolutely refreshed and revitalized!  I am constantly in awe of this wonderful curriculum and its effects on our students." 

- David Merzbacher, Teacher, Tuscaloosa Middle


"Both times that I have attended Project American Life, I have left feeling rested and refreshed.  In addition, I have left with a sense that I have reordered things in my life.  In other words, I have left with a renewed sense of what's really important in life-friends, relationships -- and not material items." 

- Alicia Clark, Teacher, Williams Middle


"Project American Life is a very positive program, because it strengthens the aspects of core values and principles that are absent in many of today's children and educational settings.  I will hold most special the positive feelings I received from seeing the light bulb come on when a child connects with the purpose or teachings of an exercise.  The students will continue to think more about the absolute principles that should be the guide and illumination for all of our decisions and actions." 

- Mark Premo, Parent, Tuscaloosa Middle


"Excellent -- functionally important principles communicated in a fun, exciting and thought-provoking manner.  I really don't think you can put into words the value of a program like this -- simply wonderful!" 

- Christopher Thomas, Teacher, The Altamont School


"I believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience this program.  Each year I watch my students change into compassionate, thoughtful human beings who seek answers to life's difficult questions and make an effort to take responsibility for themselves and others.  They move from "me-centered" to "we-centered.  Once again, thank you all for an amazing adventure." 

- Jayme Mothershed, Teacher, Mt. Gap Middle School


"Project American Life is a superb program, and I highly recommend it to any teacher / school.  So many things that are important in life, such as mutual respect and cooperation are difficult to teach in a classroom setting.  Project American Life combines the staff, program, and environment to facilitate training in these critical areas.  The staff serves as excellent role models.  I always enjoy "The Friendship Meal" -- if only for a moment, our kids are forced to realize just how very fortunate they are." 

- Major Gary Leopold, Teacher, Academy for Arts and Academics


"This is an excellent, much-needed program.  The staff members have taught these children important life lessons.  They have reminded me of some as well." 

- Anne Phillips, Teacher, The Altamont School


"All of it was great, and to be honest, took me by surprise.  I was very impressed -- this program is excellent and needs to be extended to all schools.  The lasting value is that freedom is precious, and needs to be remembered." 

- Douglas Brazier, Parent, Whitesburg Middle


"Project American Life has offered an opportunity for our students to become more caring, compassionate citizens.  It is my hope that we will see these students take these experiences and live the ideas found in The Declaration of Independence." 

- David Merzbacher, Teacher, Tuscaloosa Middle


"This is a superior program with a comprehensive curriculum.  It has the potential to change lives, build leaders, and promote positive character traits." 

- Jane Fain, Teacher, Peer Helpers


"I am not aware of another program around like this one!  This program provides something that is missing from public schools today -- values, ideals, and inspiration by the One who Created us all.  Project American Life provides a much-needed attitude adjustment for our boys and girls who are products of our "me" society.  Top notch program!" 

- Vicki Knotts, Teacher, Mt. Gap Middle


"Project American Life is very much needed given the moral decline that is continually facing our schools today.  I hope there is a new appreciation for the freedom and privileges that we have as a country." 

- Patsy Gray, Teacher, Williams Tech Middle


"The lasting value of Project American Life are - morals - compassion - friendships - values - and these are of the utmost importance.  The program is very meaningful -- laying a basic foundation and building on it by addressing the questions of "Who am I, What am I, Where am I, and Why am I."  Each question is explained by the students’ participation in hands-on activities and discussions.  May God richly bless each of you!  Continue to "make a difference" in the lives of the children." 

- Vicky Lanza, Teacher, Hampton Cove Middle School


"I know nothing is perfect, but Project American Life is as close to perfection as anything can get on this earth.  Anyone who doesn't see the value and necessity of the program and / or doesn't sacrifice to bring this program to all schoolchildren must be a fascist!" 

- Jill Powell, Teacher, Morris Elementary


“Project American Life has taken what children have up until recently only marginally understood (compassion, consideration) and made it a real emotion for them.  It’s no longer just lip service.  They actually realize how they are blessed, while there are people in this world who are suffering.  I believe that they have learned gratitude for what they have and compassion for those that may not be so blessed.” 

  1. -Shag Syed, Parent, Eastwood and Tuscaloosa Middle Schools

Thoughts of Students:


"The most important thing I learned was to hold on to my goals.  I also learned to respect the disabled and to feel for the people who only eat have rice to eat." 

- Kendra, 6th Grade


"Project American Life is about learning to love yourself, others, and your country." 

- Catherine, 6th Grade


"I learned that I could do anything if I tried hard.  Project American Life is all about trying to do things you've never done before.  The games were fun, and they all had a lesson to them." 

- Caitlin, 6th Grade


"I learned that I am special and blessed.  Project American Life is helping kids grow up." 

-Madalyn, 5th Grade


"Project American Life is about changing yourself for the good!" 

- Allie, 5th Grade


"I learned I am not an island.  I will remember teamwork, quietness, and listening skills.  It is a place where kids learn the best things there are." 

- Mattie, 6th Grade


"I learned that humans are not mere animals.  If we think we are just animals, we'll act just like animals." 

- Caroline, 6th Grade


"I learned a lot about paying attention to the inside of a person instead of the outside." 

- Rachel, 5th Grade


"I learned that people all over the world are dying of hunger.  Now that I know, I can help do something." 

- Maggie, 5th Grade


"Project American Life is about the most important thing in your life, and you have lots and lots of fun, too.  The most important thing I learned was that love, character, and wisdom are more important than anything." 

- Nicki, 6th Grade


"I learned to be thankful for your life, and don't waste it.  We are very fortunate." 

- Shawn, 5th Grade


"Project American Life is all about life, inspiration, honor, and integrity." 

- Robert. 5th Grade


"Project American Life is about showing kids that just because they are little and young doesn't mean that they can't help our community." 

- Antonio, 5th Grade


"Project American Life taught me to never give up." 

- Jasmine, 5th Grade


"The most important thing I learned this week is to be all that you can be.  My counselor didn't let us give up." 

- Melissa, 6th Grade


"In Search of America was so intense.  It helped me understand how fortunate I am.  It'll help me be a better person." 

- Emily, 6th Grade


"Project American Life is about Life, Compassion, and Responsibility.  I learned that I might have to give up all that I have to stand up for what is right." 

- Kayla, 6th grade


"Project American Life is about learning how to live your life -- being careful and making the right choices.  I also think that Project American Life teaches us to treat people right -- just as we would want to be treated." 

- Alex, 6th Grade


"I think Project American Life is about learning what is and isn't important and to do the right thing." 

- Lauren, 6th Grade


"Project American Life is learning about Life and how much it is worth." 

- B.J., 6th Grade


"Project American Life is about learning important values in a fun way.  I loved playing In Search of America!  It had all the thrill of a roller coaster but was totally safe."  

- Lillian, 6th Grade


"The most important things I learned this week were compassion for others and that I AM HUMAN!  It's important because it showed me what I am." 

- Ginny, 6th Grade


"The most important thing I learned this week was that all people are Created equal because that helps you remember that you are not a paper plate." 

- Frazier, 6th Grade


"Project American Life teaches children the meaning of life and how to experience things in a different way.  One of the things I will remember most is the guitar player who used his feet:  Tony Melendez." 

- Bradley, 6th Grade


"I think Project American Life is about teaching kids to think for themselves and learn things such as courage and compassion.  I will always remember the game In Search of America because it taught me compassion for others." 

- Sigourney, 5th Grade


“We learned to be honest and kind and to treat each other like you want to be treated.” 

- Alicia, 5th Grade


“Project American Life is about learning about guidelines to life.” 

- Brandon, 6th Grade


“I learned that I’m old enough to make big decisions.” 

- Lee, 6th Grade


“Project American Life is about learning about big choices that we will soon face, in an extremely fun way.” 

- Ashley, 6th Grade


“I think Project American Life is about teaching kids to think and have fun and just open our eyes to how we can help people who don’t have it as good as us.” 

- Eric, 6th Grade


“The most important thing I learned about is courage.  Without Courage, nothing is possible.” 

- Reginald, 6th Grade


“Project American Life is about showing you what the world is like, how you can help, and how thankful you should be to be an American.” 

- Maddy, 6th Grade


“Project American Life is about preserving our culture by teaching us all these things about being a good person.” 

- Jessica, 6th Grade


“The most important thing I learned was to treat others like you want to be treated.  Don’t judge people by the way they look.” 

- Kathryn, 6th Grade


“Project American Life is about finding who you are, and it’s about becoming a better person through different experiences.” 

- Jena, 6th Grade


“Project American Life is about teaching kids right from wrong, friendship, courage, and commitment.” 

- Kasey, 6th Grade


“I think that P.A.L. is about teaching us about life and to do what is right.” 

- Eric, 6th Grade


“The most important thing that I learned is that we are human beings and that we should do something with our life because it makes you and America better.” 

- Chase, 6th Grade


“I think Project American Life is about learning about life, and really that you are not too young to make a difference.” 

- Katie, 6th Grade


“I learned that when you are nice to someone, even if they aren’t nice back, your kindness was not wasted.  It is important because I will use it everyday.” 

- Mallory, 6th Grade


“The most important thing I learned was to let my light shine.  It’s important because I can change the world if I do.” 

- Geoffrey, 6th Grade


“Project American Life is about courage.  It shows how we have such a great country, and we need to appreciate that.” 

- Chase, 6th Grade

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