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"Where America's Founding Principles Come to Life"

Our Top Ten

If there was but one PAL program in every state, this would mean 200,000 6th graders were having this life-inspiring adventure annually.  If there were ten PAL programs in every state (there is room for even more), this would mean 2,000,000 6th graders were experiencing PAL annually!  

Now, consider how these children would then inspire their schools and communities at large.  This is fighting “the good fight” with a well-reasoned hope of victory!  Carpe’ Diem!  To find out how YOU can make a profound positive impact upon the well-being of our nation, simply click here.  Or, you could choose from our “Top Ten.”

10.) “Like” us on Facebook... and / or “Like” us anywhere!

9.) Email your friends about all of the PAL possibilities at hand. 

8.) Purchase “Founding Beverages!”

7.) Make a financial contribution to Project American Life.

6.) Arrange a speaking or musical engagement for PAL’s founder.

5.) Inform an entrepreneur about PAL’s unique business opportunity.

4.) Contact the many and varied media outlets regarding PAL.

3.) Start a fundraising drive within your work or social networks.

2.) Find out how YOU can start your own PAL program.

1.) Read The Declaration of Dependence; sign it; pass it on.

Three Phase Plan:

YEAR 1: Media campaign wherein over 1500 camps learn of the possibilities in PAL.  Our goal is adding 4 new PAL sites.

YEAR 2: Host PAL training events with the goal of adding 8 new PAL sites.

Entrepreneurs click here!

YEAR 3: Begin the construction of the Thomas Jefferson Citizenship Center.  Through the TJCC, we plan to have an average of 12 new PAL sites opening annually for the next 10 years.  Click here to learn more about the TJCC:  Thomas Jefferson Citizenship Center

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