Jamie the Builder (a.k.a. Jamie Aiken) is the founder of The Refuge, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization best known for its experiential education programs: Project American Life (PAL) and Your Outdoor University (YOU).  Jamie’s initial concepts grew from ambitious ideas into residential learning centers serving thousands of children annually.  PAL has been a pioneer in inspiring character development and critical thinking skills using The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution as core foundations of the experiential curriculum. 

Though commonly known as “Cheetah Man” in Kenya and select parts of Birmingham, Jamie is refraining from Olympic participation until PAL is running smoothly from sea to shining sea. 

However, he is eager to share morning coffee as well as afternoon tea and crumpets. 

Writer and Cat Juggler

In addition to empowering the expansion of Project American Life nationwide, Jamie is a professional speaker and musician specializing in the cultural, moral, and spiritual topics addressed in his books, music and essays

As a songwriter, Jamie has released five albums, including Spirit of Alabama

Jamie’s Menu Items:

•American Exceptionalism
•Biblical vs. Postmodern Worldviews
•Moral and Economic Relationships
•Tools for Renewing the Culture
•Self-evident Truths of Liberty

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All products on this website are under the umbrella of The Refuge, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  

For more information on the P.A.L. Paradigm, visit us @ www.jamiethebuilder.com

"Where America's Founding Principles Come to Life"

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Speaker and Musician

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