Long Lasting Effects:

Thoughts of Teachers and Parents:


"Project American Life is the ultimate in providing citizenship training.  It instills in students the 'strong' desire to care for each other and our country, the U.S.A.!   It is the most important thing (experience) I can offer my students as it will help them preserve our country's founding principles and lead lives of worth."  

- Penny Shell, Teacher, Whitesburg Middle School


"This is the most valuable experience that can be provided to middle school students.  We'll see some short-term effects at school immediately.  It is the long term "standards" for personal growth that I value most about Project American Life for my kids." 

- Major Gary R. Leopold, Teacher, Academy for Arts and Academics


"This is an exceptional program of remarkable value.  To instill in children the concept that they can and should lead a meaningful life is beautiful.  Life is a precious gift, to be lived with purpose.  Those who have grasped, or at least started on the road to grasping this, are headed toward a fantastic journey of life.  I teared up on several occasions, moved by the power of the concepts described to the children.  To present such ideals to children at their age has, indeed, the potential to change the world.  I leave the program with a renewed sense of purpose in my own life." 

- Steve O'Dell, Parent, Whitesburg Middle School


"Every child in America needs to see and understand the principals highlighted in this program!" 

- J. Michael Cole, Parent, Whitesburg Middle School


"I hope that the program takes hold at many other facilities.  I plan to be back in two years with my younger children." 

- Thomas Leiner, Parent, Whitesburg Middle School


"Children will, of course, remember the games, songs, and laughter but most importantly, the heart and soul of each child has been touched in such a way that they will "see" our world differently.  In fact, most of them will "see" for the first time.  God is obviously working miracles through this program. Thank you." 

- Jill Powell, Teacher, Morris Elementary


"I believe Project American Life is a wonderful program.  It should be mandatory for all 6th graders.  It is the best field trip experience ever! Period." 

- John Batte, Parent, Mt. Gap Middle


"Project American Life has made a difference in my life -- I feel renewed and excited about my involvement with children.  I have always rejoiced in the "wonder" of children and wanted to open doors to areas where they could explore and experience the wonder of the physical earth and ideas.  Project American Life's staff and program did this for these fifth graders as I watched in awe and wonder!" 

- Myrna Miller, Teacher, Chapman Elementary


"Project American Life is a bonding for students and teachers that lasts forever.  Students leave with a deeper appreciation of their fellow man -- past, present, and future." 

- Carole Arszman, Teacher, Academy for Arts and Academics


"Some of the children came from deprived environments where love and caring for the individual are not present.  For a few short days, these children were part of a caring, loving family.  It may change their lives." 

- Charlotte Draper, Principal, Thompson Elementary


"Project American Life is an excellent program in all areas.  We wish it could be provided to as many students as possible.  Since funds are a problem for many, we will be working to find funding sources." 

- Carol Gaines, Guidance Counselor, Mt. Gap Middle


"My own children have been fortunate enough to participate in this program.  Initially, the most obvious effect is the bonding achieved with fellow classmates.  A lasting effect is the definite and clear-cut sense of responsibility they have for who and what they are and will become in the future." 

- Ana Mari Cadilla, Teacher, Mt. Gap Middle


"I believe that this will be something they will never forget.  Project American Life is an excellent hands-on, minds-on learning experience -- one that I wish every child had the chance to take part in." 

- Biddie Banks, Teacher, Mt. Gap Middle


"I believe the long-term effect is that we all leave with a much greater appreciation of the freedoms, opportunities, and responsibilities that we have as Americans." 

- Linda Warren, Teacher, Mt. Gap Middle


"Someday, down the road of life, a student will make a decision, an important decision, that was "seeded" by Project American Life.  Please, Please, PLEASE continue this program in some way, shape, or form!" 

- Benjamin Hicks, Teacher, Williams Tech


"I think the children will be inspired to evaluate the choices they make more carefully and will also be encouraged that they can make a difference.  The children were constantly told that they were important, that they were valued and loved as individuals." 

- Jonathan Kirby, Parent, Chapman Elementary


"From 0 - 10 rating, I would give the program 15 to 20.  In my estimation it was excellent because it exposed the children to values and principles that will help them make the best choices as they progress through life and especially as they return to the school and interact with one another." 

- Ms. Alvena Crump, Grandmother and Retired Teacher, Morris Elementary


"The long lasting effects on the children will be the heightened awareness of their value as human beings, the value of being an American, and the value of pursuing truth and dreams."  

- Thomas Parker, Parent, Chapman Elementary


"I believe the children will be more able to apply government styles / concepts to real-life situations.  I hope the lessons on compassion and perseverance will continue forever!" 

- Beth Bates, Teacher, Tuscaloosa Middle


"Project American Life was more than I ever expected.  I love the program; I see major changes in the kids and in my own life.  I would give the program a 100 overall as it was perfect." 

- Michael A. Pryor, Teacher, Hampton Cove Middle School


"My favorite experience at Project American Life was seeing the children's faces-their emotions, moments of understanding, triumph, joy, trepidation, confidence, uncertainty, and exuberance. Their faces said even more than some of their very insightful statements!" 

- Myrna Miller, Teacher, Chapman Elementary


"As both of my children have been through this program, I know that after Project American Life, they retain an important sense of who they are and who they want to become in terms of the community, neighborhood, and this great country we live in." 

- Ana Mari Cadilla, Teacher, Mt. Gap Middle School


"The lasting value of Project American Life is the hands-on experience.  The students didn't just read and talk about something.  They were involved and directly affected.  It is of special importance because it was hands-on.  They won't forget it." 

- Gloria Williams, Parent, Eastwood Middle School


"I most value the reminder of who I am and what I stand for.  As adults, we tend to get caught up in life and forget to actually live.  True living means so much more than simply going off to work, eating, sleeping, etc.   Project American Life is a much-needed reminder for me personally.  I walk away feeling blessed and recharged." 

- Jayme Mothershed, Teacher, Mt. Gap Middle School


"Project American Life is a great program.  I hope the things the kids learned this week were life-changing experiences for them.  I hope they are more compassionate about life and want to make a difference.  I believe they will!  Thanks a million Project American Life!" 

- Mary Ann Walker, Parent, Eastwood Middle School


"I believe the lasting value of Project American Life for our young people is a life-long remembrance of "the picture they paint" with their every action.  They realize that they are responsible for their actions and their reactions in life." 

- Annie Cheatham, Teacher, Mt. Gap Middle School


"Project American Life is an amazing, gripping, life-changing, charismatic program -- like witnessing our country's birth and evolution in three days.  P.A.L.'s lasting value is that it reminds me of my country's goals and history and of the sacrifices so many people have made and make to prove their love for and pride in this country." 

- Rebecca Podolski, Teacher, Highlands Elementary School


"Project American Life has been one of the most enjoyable experiences I have had the opportunity to be a part of.  It was GREAT!"  The lasting value of Project American Life is an appreciation of the importance of freedom and those who fought so hard for it, and those who are still fighting at this moment.  We live in a land like no other and you reminded us of that.  Continue to provide children with the knowledge of where they come from, who they are and what they are." 

- Belissa G. Howard, Teacher, Highlands Elementary School


"Project American Life is the one experience that I truly feel every child in America should experience.  I will hold most special the real life simulations - they are awesome! The cause of the program is awesome.  It is much needed in today's society." 

- Shirley T. Jones, Teacher, Highlands Elementary School


"I am hoping the children have gained a real value of being an American and understanding how very fortunate they are.  This should be of special importance since most of them have missed or never been exposed to these values and the importance of each.  Once again, I have found this program exceptional.  The message is loud and clear with such a creative presentation." 

- Lynn Kerkoff, Teacher, Highlands Elementary School


"This program is very educational.  It makes the children think about other things than just themselves.  I will hold most special that Project American Life instills something in children that they don't receive everyday -- love for country and American history.  The lasting value of Project American Life is an understanding that we live the way millions of people around the world want to live.  We need to value our freedom every day and take nothing for granted." 

- Charles Mason, Parent, Highlands Elementary School


"Incredible!  Everyone should be exposed to this program no matter the age.  This program can't be done enough.  I hope it will always be available." 

- Cathy Maner, Teacher, Whitesburg Middle School


“I think every child should get this experience because it changes their lives forever.” 

- Andy Chaffin, Teacher, Whitesburg Middle School


“They learn lessons that they can apply to situations throughout their lives – compassion, to be proud of their country, to understand / relate to others around the world who are less fortunate, to have an understanding of what some people have gone through or currently go through for freedom – something that they take for granted everyday.” 

- Lisa Davis, Teacher, Providence and Morris Elementary Schools


“Project American Life is unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed.  It touches on every aspect of life.  Very well thought of and thought out program.” 

- Reginald Smith, Parent, Providence and Morris Elementary Schools


“My child has been taught that right principles work, and wrong ones don’t work.  If that were all she learned, it would give her almost all she needs in life.  Of course, she learned much more as well.” 

- Kim Reddock, Parent, Eastwood and Tuscaloosa Middle Schools


“As usual, this program continues to amaze me with its capability to reach out to out students and teach them such wonderful values (compassion, courage, etc.)  Our kids will appreciate the life they have and the gifts and blessings they have been given.” 

- David Merzbacher, Teacher, Eastwood and Tuscaloosa Middle Schools


Thoughts of Students:

"Project American Life is about teaching children from all over about our history and all the things that are happening in the world right now and that you can help, and that you can make a difference in the world." 

- Natalie, 6th Grade


"The most important thing this week was finding out I have a purpose in life because that purpose might help the world." 

- Karly, 6th Grade


"The most important thing that I learned was that I have a purpose.  It is important because I didn't think that I had a purpose." 

- Chris, 6th Grade


"The most important thing I learned is that I am living in an almost perfect country and still I am not happy.  I learned to be happier, and now I am." 

- Zuzia, 6th Grade


"I learned that I can do anything.  I can accomplish my dreams, and I am starting now.  I will remember the songs we sang, the games we played, and the things we talked about, which will always, always stay with me.  I would like to thank everybody, because this is a trip that has changed my life." 

- Ashley


"I have learned so much about The Declaration.  I will become President." 

- Cole, 6th Grade


"Project American Life is learning to be the best you can be -- taking each moment one by one." 

- Emily, 5th Grade


"The most important thing I learned is that I have a point in life.  I also learned who I am, that love is better than anything, and that God is always with me.  Project American Life is about LIFE!" 

- John, 6th Grade


"Project American Life is about our lives:  who we are, what we are, where we are, and why we are." 

- Sara, 7th Grade


"Project American Life is all about preparing kids for the world ahead of them.  Project American Life teaches us to do something with our lives." 

- Paige, 6th Grade


"It's about life! -- how to appreciate it, and how to live it to it's fullest." 

- Teela, 7th Grade


"Project American Life is about learning things that should stick with you for the rest of your life." 

- Lauren, 6th Grade


"I learned that I am not a paper plate.  I am fine china.  I learned that others are fine china, too." 

- Jenny, 6th Grade


"The three things I will most remember are love, character, and wisdom.  Project American Life is about experiencing these things.  I never knew how important life is.  Thank you." 

- Adam, 6th Grade


"Before I came to Project American Life, I thought I was nothing.  Now I know that I am somebody special and that I live in a great country." 

- Austin, 6th Grade


"I learned who I am -- this can help me make something of my life and have self-confidence.  Project American Life lets kids see that someone cares about them and that they have a purpose." 

- Katie, 6th Grade


"My best experience at Project American Life is everything.  It helps people learn how important Life is and not to take things for granted.  It helps people get a good start in life." 

- Pettus, 6th Grade


"In Search of America was so real -- it was an exciting adventure. I learned that I could achieve my greatest dreams no matter what." 

- Jennifer, 6th Grade


"Project American Life helped me to figure out what life is really about."

- Jacob, 6th Grade


"Project American Life is about learning to live life to its fullest and to dream." 

- Koury, 6th Grade


"The most important thing I learned this week was to not treat myself like a paper plate." 

- Jay, 6th Grade


"The purpose of Project American Life is to help people realize what is going on in the world and that you can do something to change it." 

- Melissa, 5th Grade


"I've learned that I am so fortunate to live in a place where I can be free with responsibility." 

- Kurtis, 6th Grade


"The most important thing that I learned this week is that you can follow your dreams and the only thing stopping you is yourself." 

- Luke, 6th Grade


"Project American Life is amazing, awesome, and the best camp that was ever made." 

- Melody, 6th Grade


"I would describe Project American Life in one word as inspiring and fun (okay, maybe two)." 

- Samantha, 6th Grade


"The most important thing I learned is that I am worth something." 

- Joyce, 6th Grade


"Project American Life is a foundation for your life." 

- Michael, 6th Grade


"I will remember most the passionate and in-depth talks we participated in.  They were one word:  inspiring.  The most important thing that I learned is that we live a life so wonderful and beautiful -- the American life.  It made me very grateful and to thank the Lord that I live in America.  We have the opportunity to make this world a better place and create and do beautiful things." 

- Theresa, 7th Grade


"This has brought me to who I really am.  Project American Life is about bringing you to yourself and showing who and what you really are.  My best experience at Project American Life was In Search of America.  It showed us what people went through and are still going through right now.  It showed us that we are blessed with what we have." 

- Shelby, 7th Grade


“Project American Life is about why you’re on earth and your purpose.” 

- Alan, 6th Grade


“The most important think I learned is to cherish what I have.  It taught me to be thankful and that is going to change my life.” 

- Alyssa, 6th Grade


“The most important thing I learned was that there are people with disabilities that we could never dream of that can do things better than us – even play the guitar with their feet.” 

- Melissa, 6th Grade


“Project American Life is about learning about all of the things people did for us, and how we should inspire others.” 

- Cammie, 6th Grade


“The most important thing I learned about this week was courage.  It’s important because if you don’t have courage you slither like a snake.” 

- Collin, 6th Grade


“The most important thing I learned this week is about being a light in the world.  It is important because even though our world is dark, we can make a difference.  We can shine light all around us if we try.” 

- Sarah, 6th Grade


“The most important thing I learned this week was bravery and taking the right path.  I learned that you should not commit suicide even if you have a rough life.  It is important for me to know because life is tough.” 

- Chris, 6th Grade


“The most important thing I learned this week was to make the right choices.  I will always remember.” 

- Erik, 5th Grade


“The most important thing I learned this week was to do to others as you would want them to do to you.” 

- Destiny, 5th Grade


“The most important thing I learned about week was courage.  It’s important because I learned to face my fears.” 

- Burke, 5th Grade


“This week I learned that I need to be thankful for my good food, clean water, warm clothes, and beds that other people around the world don’t have.”  

- Lauren, 6th Grade

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