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"Where America's Founding Principles Come to Life"

Before there can be any kind of strategy, there must be a clear objective.  What then ought we be attempting to achieve?  As Americans, a great starting point is with our Founding Fathers.  After all, they founded the only nation in the history of the world built upon moral principles... and what a success story America has been!  So, what was the strategy of America’s Founders?
History speaks loudly:  The virtuous ideas of our Founders yielded a cornucopia of good fruits... and these can return more abundant than ever!  Rightly inspired young people can be tomorrow’s patriots... working to meet the many needs of our nation and world... striving to build that shining “City on a Hill!”  So, what shall we do?

Learning, if it is to be lasting and real, must generate the essential zeal for searching in the first place.  Thus, meaningful education must address core questions: Who am I? What am I? Where am I? Why am I?   Just as in 1776, the answers become “self-evident” as participants delve into “PAL’s Four Cs of Citizenship:”  Clarity • Compassion • Courage • Commitment.  

PAL creates dramatic and vivid encounters with fundamental realities of life ~ leaving lasting impressions of steadfast and “self-evident truths.”  Amidst the activities, students have no idea they are struggling with mysteries that have confounded mankind since the dawn of time.  Better yet, the formerly mysterious (or even completely unknown) gives way to new understandings!  

Yes, the Project American Life adventure provides middle school students the opportunity to choose Clarity over ignorance… to choose Compassion over apathy… to choose Courage over cowardice… to choose Commitment over the tyranny of present distractions.  Suddenly, the long hidden keys to life’s richest treasures are in their hands!
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