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By providing inspirational exploration into American history, Project American Life (PAL) brings to life the noble dreams of our Founders and the classic virtues that they embodied.  The four-day residential challenge is a series of experiential classes and simulations that foster an impassioned zeal for seizing the duties of American citizenship.  Not only do students discover the wisdom of our Founders, they also are inspired to walk in their shoes.   PAL Philosophy.pdf

Parable Trek (Building the City on a Hill) uses the same curriculum and educational method as PAL.  However, since Parable Trek serves Christian groups, instructors use Biblical texts as moral foundations.  Discussions and closing thoughts naturally expand into more spiritual topics as well.  In all facets of Parable Trek, participants are compelled to pursue their deepest dreams and highest callings within the context of a coherent and cohesive Biblical worldview.   Parable Trek.pdf

During a PAL Business Adventure, participants examine core business principles, role-play managerial methods, and develop a unity of purpose by experientially discovering the cornerstones of America’s long history of success, particularly in economic terms.  Corporate executives and business owners can provide their employees with a renewed understanding of the fruits of Liberty, as expressed in free enterprise, entrepreneurship, and American Exceptionalism.    Business Schedule.pdf

Your Outdoor University (YOU) is “the very best in outdoor experiential education” minus the political agendas and controversies of many “environmental programs.”   YOU is an academically challenging adventure inspiring a zeal for learning, supporting traditional virtues, and promoting an appreciation for the wonder and magnificence of nature.  Simply put, YOU is a field-trip that everyone supports enthusiastically:  parents, teachers, administrators… and certainly the students!   YOU Intro.pdf