A brief history of time...

Over two thousand years ago, the Author of time and space entered His own Creation... coming to the tiny speck we call Earth. He came without pomp and pageantry; in fact, He came just as we do... in the form of a baby. In the one place possessing the wonders of life... now walked Life's Essence! He brought what every man longs to find... Meaning and Fulfillment. He gave what every man yearns to have... Love Eternal!  

Though there were moments of recognition and Joy, the overwhelming verdict was clear: He must be obliterated. This quest did not end on Calvary's hill... it has continued every single day with the same unrelenting grotesque passion that drove the first nails into His flesh.  

Tragically, man seldom realizes that His Will cannot be overturned... "It is accomplished!" Since this new beginning, He is building His Kingdom in the shadow of the Cross... where time and space... good and evil... day and night intersect... and Light always wins!

Soon... these shadowlands will be no more... and things will be seen as there are. Unto us... the King of Kings has come... and He will come again! To those with eyes to see and ears to hear, He is still revealing the mysteries of the ages... providing glorious passage from solitary insignificance to His everlasting community of Love.

On this new day... Choose Life! Morning is coming!  Shalom...

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