"We the People!"

Dear Congresspeople and Senators,

As a member of the "we the people" who hold ultimate authority in this blessed land, may I ask for just a moment of your time? Much hand-wringing, lamentation and hostile rhetoric periodically erupt from deep reservoirs of discontent regarding the loss of religious liberty... though there is seldom any semblance of actually addressing the problem. Instead, a bitter underlying question brews among many: "What has happened to my country?” Even worse, many have reached conclusions, "This is no longer my country." And the chasm only grows wider... day by day. Though the responsibility for the disconnect surely rests upon the greater culture at large, a huge driver of the prevailing paradigm is at hand... a structural reality that grows evermore strident: 95% of young Americans are steeped in a secular worldview for 13 years… with the bulk of the bill for such indoctrination being paid by the super-majority of citizens desiring religious liberty. How can the 18-year-old finished product of public education be expected to know anything more than the status-quo, group-think that permeates the establishment?

Please allow me to clarify. I am not blaming the students who are only doing what they're told... and I certainly am not blaming the teachers who must work within the lines that have been drawn. Rather, I am blaming the ones who have drawn the lines... I am blaming the ones who turned their backs on The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, and the American People they are supposed to represent. Yes, your excellencies, I am blaming most of you. Though you likely find my candor offensive, please answer me directly, "Am I wrong in raising this issue? What exactly is more important than this?!" As your collective bosses, "we the people" are only asking that you focus your attention upon this essential matter in the life of our Republic. We are not your subjects; rather, we are the ones who voted you into office... and continue to pay for your regal offices and support staff that are often used to deflect our questions and concerns. Be advised; such institutional arrogance is un-American at its core. And yet, "we the people" are not yet coming with pitchforks; instead, we are only making an urgent, heartfelt plea: "Please represent us; please defend the Goodness and Rightness of America's Founding Principles!"  https://www.change.org/p/united-states-congress-alabama-6th-district?recruiter=22638442&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=share_petition&utm_term=share_petition

"We the people" not only desire for our country to be strong; even more, we yearn for her to be Good. We still believe we are given a charge to be a light to the world... even a City on a Hill. The legislative bodies in which you now "serve" (or at least reside) are the ones who either drew the lines or allowed tyrannical courts to do so. If I am not characterizing this matter accurately, please correct my error. As we evaluate your body of work, do we not have good reason to earnestly ask, "Who exactly are you representing?!" After all, The Declaration, The Constitution and the will of the super-majority of Americans stand for religious liberty! We assert that the free and open exchange of ideas allows for the refinement of truth... and that in such an environment, a cornucopia of good fruits are born. This is America's story from the very beginning! Do we still hold these "self-evident truths?" More specifically, do you?

If the language of The Declaration of Independence was suitable for America’s Founders… if the language was suitable to build an entirely new kind of nation… and if the language remains the justification for the “rights” so passionately claimed by the citizenry… then the language is suitable for discussion, consideration, and even illumination by our nation’s children, their teachers, and school administrators. After all, our “public schools” are first and foremost American schools. In addition to reciting the “Pledge of Allegiance,” American children need enduring clarity into what the pledge actually means. Clearly, this goal is not even possible if the language of our Founding is deemed somehow out-of-bounds. The purpose of the Declaration of Reasoned Respect is to restore our nation’s most treasured virtue: Liberty!

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