America's Founding Standard!

"...remove the organ and demand the function." -C.S. Lewis

Very few young people know what America's Founding Standard is... or that we even have one! And yet, we live in the one country founded upon the idea that there is a corrective Power above all human power. Our Declaration of Independence states and requires a prerequisite Source... for Life... Liberty... and the opportunity to pursue enduring Happiness. Let us be clear; ALL of America's Founders recognized this "self-evident truth" even if some did not fully follow its requirements.

Our Founding Principles have so long brought wondrous illumination... human dignity... and formerly unknown prosperity... even around the world. So, why would we let any entity marginalize, even extinguish, this great light? Why would we sever the branch upon which we all are standing? Why would we remove such life-inspiring ideas and then act so dumbfounded when bad things subsequently happen? These are questions that demand answers!

Ever since the day the Declaration of Independence was penned... a host of known and unknown patriots have believed... and risen! Many call to us now... perhaps we should listen: John and Abigail Adams, Phillis Wheatley, Mercy Otis Warren, Frederick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln, Susan B. Anthony, George Washington Carver, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Ronald Reagan, Clarence Thomas, a woman in an Iranian prison, and a homeless man I met yesterday.

If we desire for the waves of horrific violence (including the nonstop carnage in our inner cities) to come to a decisive end, we must allow access to the antidote for the virulent poison of hatred. We can no longer remove the organ and expect the function. Americans must again welcome the Declaration's "Source" of Life and Liberty: "Their Creator."

Today, there is a young man sitting in an American classroom. He is confused... isolated... angry... forgotten. What if he were to encounter the ideas of the parchment declaring that he is specially Created... made equal to everyone else? What if he were to realize that no human being can ever take away his most precious gifts of Life, Liberty, and the opportunity to reach for his greatest dreams... to drink from the cup of Happiness?

Friends, ideas have consequences. Why have we abandoned, even made out-of-bounds, our nation's very Best? The original Declaration is presently hanging in our National Archives Museum in Washington... and the parchment is very well protected. But tragically, the ideas contained upon it are largely unknown... especially to the hearts and minds of our nation's youngest citizens. Now is the time to reclaim these sacred ideas... restore the principles that have brought so much Good. These still "self-evident truths" hold the promise of ushering in a cornucopia of Blessings!

Consider... Victory is still nigh:

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