Consider the Lilies of the Field...

Tim Harris owns a very successful restaurant, "Tim's Place." It is known as “The World’s Friendliest Restaurant”... and considering all of the warm hugs and smiles, this certainly seems to be true. By the way, Tim also has Downs Syndrome. Thus, here is a most sad and tragic statistic: 90% of the children diagnosed with Tim's condition are not deemed even worthy of living... in the land built upon the idea that "All men are Created equal." In disregarding babies like Tim, we are also disregarding the founding principles that gave birth to an exceptional nation. To put it plainly, we are sawing off the branch upon which we all are sitting. With Tim as our guide, when would be a good time to embrace the "unalienable" Gift of Life? Consider Tim in the following video. Who is of greater value than he? Moreover, what politician of today is wiser?

In contrast, regarding babies with Down Syndrome, "one of the most respected scientist in the world" (Richard Dawkins) has some very straightforward advice: "Abort it and try again – it would be immoral to bring it into the world."  It is interesting that he uses the word "it" to describe a person, and then speaks of "immoral" behavior.  Mr. Dawkins must either have an unshakable foundation upon which to lobby for the wholesale destruction of human beings, or he must have no foundation whatsoever.  How does he determine the moral from the immoral?  How is destroying human life deemed "moral?"  As always, Christ's words echo, "Father, Lord of heaven and earth, thank you for hiding these things from those who think themselves wise and clever, and for revealing them to the childlike."

Have you ever received a hug, a smile, a kind thought from a person with Down Syndrome? Our world needs such purity of heart more than ever! Who can actually witness such love in action... and then declare that these people are not even worthy of living? Who can really do this?! Mr. Dawkins, can you? Towards the goal of standing up in a fallen world... I ask consideration of these thoughts... from Mr. Dawkins, his followers, and, of course, any and all yearning to stand! The battle is not over... in fact, victory is nigh... that is, unless we are no longer willing to fight "the good fight." With the Children of God on the altar, how can the Children of God not fight?

In propagating his worldview, Mr. Dawkins sells an astounding number of books, is a highly-desired lecturer, and has even become a god-like figure for those who will not have God. Mr. Dawkins often speaks with the same vacuousness and coldness as is illustrated in the opening quotation. And thus, a question arises: Why does such a person garner such a large following of admirers, even followers? Moreover, why do so many accept (and even act upon) the worldview that is espoused by Mr. Dawkins?  Is there still a Truth that shall right the wrong… that shall even set us free?

“What is truth?” asks Pontius Pilate (and Richard Dawkins) with much self-admiration. There is a driving hunger and purpose: When I undermine the authority of the truth, I successfully dismantle it... render it useless… and free myself from its demands.  Then... I shall be God!   A similar conceit echoes among the masses:  “Whatever.”  When a man idolizes himself sufficiently, he finds himself able to separate truth from its Source. He is able to re-imagine reality… he can be whatever he desires.  Behold… he has freed himself from the fiercest of struggles and the most binding of duties!  

This new man proudly celebrates his virtues using a cornucopia of terms he has shaped in his own image... unending words meaning only what he thinks they should mean... including the perversion of the most sacred of ideas.  Shrieking ever more loudly, he boldly issues his unrelenting threats, slanders, and even punishments. He revels in his ever-present glory... He has gained the world!  Yet, in his cold, numb detachment, he has lost his very soul. Just beyond his view is the blood-stained hilt of Christ’s sword... still graciously extended to him. For all who are weary of the persistent clanging lies, be encouraged, refreshed and renewed… seize the eternally liberating sword! His Truth is still marching on!

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