Foundations upon Sand...

Increasingly, Western cities ponder the senseless slaughter of their citizens. Strangely missing from such conversations are the most obvious questions: "What has happened to the prevailing culture?! What is happening within the hearts, minds and souls of our fellow citizens?  Why is it becoming evermore common for people to kill and maim the innocent they do not even know?  Instead of even mentioning such questions, government officials and media pundits speak of the need for more barricades, more police officers, and restrictions upon our own means of self-defense. Translation: Ever less freedom... ever more power to government! So, how's it working so far?

In the face of such misdirection, I have some related thoughts: Why is it "inappropriate" for children to explore and examine questions of purpose and meaning in their lives? More specifically, why are America's schoolchildren forbidden to think and speak in the grand tradition of their unique nation... the only one in human history built upon moral propositions... "self-evident truths"... "all men Created equal"... "endowed by their Creator?"

What is "inappropriate" about discussing, even mentioning, the categorical language of our Founders in bringing forth this new kind of nation? Exactly what "religion" is "established" by using their nomenclature... "Creator," "God," "Divine Providence," "Laws of Nature?" Is it not absolutely right, even essential, that children discover coherent rationales for their existence? Isn't it "self-evidently" Good for children to have tangible access to hope, to learn solid standards to keep them from falling, and develop enduring strength to rise when they do?!

Even the money in our pockets shouts a living legacy, "In God we Trust." Do we? Is such reliance operational when we allow government to shackle our hands, our voices... and even our minds? Clearly, the problems that now vex us are not rightly addressed by placing more restrictions upon our essential Liberties? Interestingly, we need what our Founders needed... and what they demanded: Freedom! Does such a hunger still resonate within our collective being? If so, it is high time to answer its call... "Let Freedom Ring!"

Selah... there remains a Balm in Gilead; there are strong arms of Love waiting to welcome us! Yes, whether the senseless carnage in our streets or the wastelands of personal loneliness... there is refuge... even One who RUNS to us! And more, there is a river whose streams make glad the city of God! Friends, a child who believes in the principles of the Declaration of Independence yearns to uplift his neighbors, not harm them. As C.S. Lewis foretold in his "Abolition of Man," we removed the heart and soul of our nation... then sat perplexed by the wellspring of problems: violence, murder, drug abuse, suicide and all the rest bubbling up in a sea of confusion and chaos.

Fellow Americans, we find ourselves in the nation where "We the People" are provided supreme political power. Why then are we subjecting ourselves to the paradigm wherein we have no choice but to surrender our tax-dollars to support schools wherein our Founding Principles are defacto banished? Be clear; without a "Creator," we do not have a Source to make us "equal," nor do we possess "unalienable rights" such as Life, Liberty, and the opportunity to reach for our greatest dreams.

Remember, America's founding generation were willing to rise and stand over a modest tax place upon their tea. Today, we must do likewise... or we will most assuredly wake up to more insanity... less freedom... and ultimately the loss of everything truly wonderful, wonder-filled and beautiful. Yes, the present days of gray are most dark, disturbing and oft-devastating. But there is a door waiting to swing open... revealing bright fields of green and sweet laughter of children. "Let Freedom Ring!''

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