Here's to Liberty... Cheers!

The attached bill would usher in a new birth of Freedom in every public school in America... without infringing upon the rights of anyone. If the Declaration of Independence is still acceptable and actionable, then this bill is acceptable and actionable. For the bill only allows students to use the same kind of language... think the same kind of thoughts... and dream the same kind of dreams as those who so heroically risked their lives on July 4, 1776. "From every Mountainside, let Freedom Ring!"

Remember watching "I'm just a Bill" from Schoolhouse Rock? Well... it inspired me to write one: The "Foundations of Liberty Act." This really isn't unique in America’s history; citizens used to do such things routinely. Sadly, the initial drafts of bills these days are often written by lobbyists. If we desire our nation to be better... lamenting, cursing, blaming, slandering, marginalizing, etc. is not going to accomplish the goal. "We the People" must reclaim what is ours... the opportunities and duties of citizenship. We must rise... we must speak... we must debate... we must clarify... and let the best ideas prevail. This is how America is meant to be.

Of course, there is a prerequisite for this method to actually work. This is why there is a term that has long been the bedrock Ideal of these United States: Freedom! For all my life I have witnessed essential Liberty being stripped away... both legally and regarding the Conscience of the nation. According to the Declaration of Independence, "Liberty" is the gift of our "Creator." Aha! This is the very article that must now be banished from the public sphere and erased from the soul of the people. Why? Have the ideas that gave birth to America been deemed incorrect? When did this take place? Who decided this matter?

Years ago, I witnessed schoolchildren not being permitted to express their understandings of objective truth... no longer able to discuss matters from a spiritual perspective... and in time, no longer even able to think. And so, I started an experiential education camp to allow children to consider freely... to inspire and renew tired hearts, souls, and minds... to rediscover their own American Dream! Every class, every concept, every hope... was built upon the solid foundation of The Declaration of Independence. And so, Project American Life has now served countless schoolchildren for 20 years:   While many "miracles" have occurred in many lives, all of the experiences of PAL are but a blip in the ocean of relativism, secularism and nihilism that pervades the prevailing culture.

More recently, I've experienced the same disconnect regarding children at what is arguably one of the most "traditional" public schools in America. I've heard a group of children tell other children, "We're not supposed to talk about God at school." Really? I've had my own child ask me a treasure trove of questions about this issue, including letting me know that she can just talk about the Creator of the animals, etc. after school. Really? And so, we must all decide whether this is the paradigm to so well inculcate.

I see the sadness in my child's eyes as I try to convince her that there's nothing wrong with publicly talking about God... that, in fact, this is the right thing to do... it's what our Founders did in giving us our nation! Clearly, I find this prevailing paradigm horrific... chilling... intolerant... and downright un-American. And so, I wrote a bill to restore what has been stolen from our nation's children. Yes, I believe Religious Liberty is their birthright as Americans. Since those heroic days of 1776, these unalienable rights have been purchased at such incredible price... such precious sacrifice. What do you think? Where will this present road ultimately lead? How do you like where it has brought us so far?

To be clear, I am not for the promotion of any particular religion at public schools... as this would indeed be un-Constitutional... and infringe upon the rights of others. However, what we are presently doing is infringing upon all who believe in a Power above human power. Yes, our Founders are necessarily banished from the discussion as well. So, what is it exactly that I seek? One word: Freedom! All children must have the Liberty to learn with open hearts, minds, souls... without any fear or intimidation. Personally, I want to see Christian children talking with Jewish children talking with Muslim children talking with Hindu children talking with children who do not believe in any God. From sea to shining sea, let Freedom Ring! Friends, this is America's Song! We cannot continue to sever the branch we are all sitting upon...

Will we really give up on the Hope and Promise of America? Will we walk among the sacred stones of Arlington and believe that these brave souls died in vain? God help us exclaim, "Hell to the Naw Naw Naw!" Rather than despairing in the face of apathy, indifference or even outright hostility, it is time to rise! And yes, it's even okay to be considered an utter fool. After all, this is precisely what King George and his subjects considered our Founders. Yes, Jefferson, Adams, Franklin and the rest were thought to be arrogant fools and Washington's soldiers a bunch of ignorant peasants... mere rabble. Thankfully, our Founders and the "Rag-Tag Patriots" were foolish enough to believe this Declaration of transcendent Ideas... these "self-evident truths"... could overcome the greatest military in the world. Today, may we join them in the good fight... that all might flourish in the "land of the free... and home of the brave."

Without allegiance to any politician or political party, I offer this Bill... to be introduced on the floor of the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate. Of course, we need an actual Representative and/or Senator to accomplish this. Maybe it is time for them to listen to "we the people" instead of lobbyists. If you agree, please join this movement and share this Bill... wherever you will. (For those in the Birmingham area, one might reach out to Congresspeople Gary Palmer or Terri Sewell or Senators Doug Jones or Richard Shelby.) When we rise, the Congress will hear us. They are still OUR representatives. Victory is within our grasp... "Let's Roll!"

Can we imagine a nation wherein the coming generations are Free to think, believe, rise and soar? Can we believe that this Bill will be passed in Congress and signed into law by the President of the United States... and that this nation will have a new birth of Freedom? Will we rise for simply what is "right,” as America’s schoolchildren are depending on us? Here's to the restoration of our Founding Principles and a new birth of Freedom... Cheers!

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