Heroin vs. Heroine

Heroin vs. Heroine

Drug overdoses caused the deaths of over 75,000 Americans last year... that’s more people killed than during the entire Vietnam war. I wonder if we could find 75,000 Americans able to provide a clear and cogent answer to the question, “Who was Joan of Arc?” How many ought to know? How many lives could be rescued by having cynical and depressed youth reflect upon the strengths that Joan found... acts of listening... believing... rising?

In the prevailing low-bar of understanding and achievement so many archetypes of virtue are completely unknown... or void of the key elements (e.g., God). “Jehanne la Pucelle" (Joan of Arc) successfully led the French army when she was 17... becoming a living embodiment of principle... duty... faith... sacrifice.

When asked if she was in God's grace, Jehanne replied, "If I am not, may God put me there, and if I am, may God so keep me!” Even as the fire was lit beneath her feet, she did not lose focus or conviction, "My Voices did come from God and everything that I have done was by God's order.”

Today, many children have only heard of Joan of Arc through the less-than-respectful reference from "Frozen:” "Hang in there Joan.” Why aren’t our youth taught about such life-inspiring servants of Truth? How will coming generations embody this kind of courage and resolve... how can they seize what they do not know?

In contrast, many true believers in China, the Middle East and Africa are seizing the sword of Truth... though they may face the same kind of consequences as Jehenne. As always, His Truth is marching on! May we Remember... and rise... and seize the hilt of Truth’s Sword!

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