Jamie for President

Presidential Shoes!

(This is just a starting point… ideas are most welcome!  The current plan is to challenge President Trump for the Republican nomination... options are good, right?)

To be candid, this challenge is not due to policies put forth by the current administration.  In truth, many of the greater purposes of this campaign are often the stated goals of the President (as the following policy details will demonstrate).   However, here are a few questions that merit cogent answers:  Are the present goals becoming reality... particularly in the long term?  Are the current methodologies the most effective techniques?  Are we presently on the road to becoming "One Nation... under God... Indivisible... with Liberty and Justice for All?"  Is today's America the America that was meant to be?  Is it the one you desire?

Perhaps the prevailing bitterness in the greater society is what our nation has now collectively earned... the malignant poison of narcissism, the incessant desire for immediate gratification, the hideous delight in humiliating our fellow citizens, the sobering inability to sacrifice and serve, the perilous decline of inner virtue... the loss of our "sacred honor."  All this being said, there may be more at play.  Friends, this is my hope.  I believe our great nation has been intentionally misled for decades... systematically training the citizenry to answer to their governmental overlords instead of "We the People" demanding that they serve us.  And thus, the well-entrenched "powers that be" have pitted citizens against each other... throughout governmental institutions, for multi-national corporate interests, and even with assistance from the highly-partisan media that is supposed to present facts, not propaganda.  Because of these high-stakes monetary interests and primal hunger for power, the mechanisms of our nation have been severely corrupted.  I invite you to consider the mass of evidence for yourselves... as it all around us... waiting for honest examination.  There are many questions that demand precise answers.  This campaign seeks to shine revealing light in these regions... and expose such treachery and the downright betrayal of America's Founding Principles.   Win or lose this election, this is a mission that must be accomplished.  Our task is to live out the full meaning of our Founding Creed... not to have it disregarded, even whitewashed from the American conscience. 

We must reawaken to our Duty as Americans... to restore the most noble bedrock of human Liberty:  The authority of a moral Source greater than we mortals (our "Creator")... and return to governance by "We the People!"   What a beautiful concept:  Humility and surrender yield the everlasting Promises of human dignity and individual freedom! 

Let us again agree:  Our Founders gave us a nation built upon the moral foundation of “the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God” and the political supremacy of “We the people.”  These founding principles were quite revolutionary.  In fact, the world has never been the same!  The highest ideals of a new kind of nation were given voice in The Declaration of Independence.  In addition, the operational guidelines for this Republic were meticulously hammered out in The Constitution.  And thus, the greatest aspirations of all mankind were provided an enduring mechanism of support and strength. 

The powers of government were restrained and the blessings of Liberty were ensured to all succeeding generations.  Though our sacred documents still hang proudly in our National Archives Museum, we have allowed our representatives to disregard their absolute demands.  As your President, Jamie Aiken will serve under the authority of, and within the strict limits of, these God-inspired charters.  “We will preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on Earth, or we will sentence them to take the last step into a thousand years of darkness.” 

In considering the humbling nature of the office, President Aiken’s policies would fall into two categories:

1.) Primary Matters of Principle
2.) Secondary Methods of policy implementation

These First Principles are derived directly from our Founding Charters.  The endowment of “unalienable rights” must not be infringed upon in any manner.  Here, there is no compromise.  No human being has the power to disregard, alter or amend these Gifts of our Creator.  As is still “self-evident,” this is what “unalienable” means.  Therefore, the issues of Life, Liberty and Opportunity for All of God’s children will be front and center… all the time… as our bedrock Standards.  Our “sacred honor” demands that we do no less.

As for the “secondary methods,” these will always be open to debate from all sides of the political landscape… and may the best ideas prevail. This is how America is supposed to work; this is how we become “One Nation” again.  We do no enduring Good when we disrespect our fellow citizens; we undermine the vital prerequisites of our Union.   The prevailing vitriol has already done profound damage to our magnificent, and even beautiful, governmental starting point:  “We the People!”   Thus, as President, Jamie will also be “Listener and Moderator in Chief,” as we must again engage each other, refine our thinking, and with renewed hearts strive to build that shining “City on a Hill.”   

This campaign uses the designation “We the People” because if Jamie is elected...

…He will be explicitly and solely seeking to serve the People of these United States... no special favors, no misdirection, no maneuvering, no kickbacks, no exceptions.  

…He will empower others to lend their expertise and energies to America’s Great Cause.  This campaign is not about one person; it is about activating people of Good Will to accomplish “the Common Good.”

…He will fight for America's Founding Principles, even in the face of predictable slander.  Not only is he willing to debate any and all, Jamie is also well-equipped to triumph in such exchanges… without the use of ad hominem attacks or vilifying political adversaries.

…He will rise each day working to create the fairest playing field possible… for all Americans.  For those who have been on the bottom of the economic rung for generations, there must be entrepreneurial empowerment zones... in both urban and rural America.  Rather than having the weakest among us continually robbed at the hands of predatory lenders, we must seek to reward right thinking and hard work for those lacking capital assets.  However, rather than mindlessly throwing money at social problems while incarcerating those making non-violent poor decisions, we must establish “Entrepreneurial Business Centers.”  Here, those seeking to be part of the American Dream will find specialized training as well as access to low-interest capital assets.  When everyone has an oar in the water… and moving in the right direction... everyone is moving faster!  In fact, our great nation can soar... she can be that City on a Hill for all the world to see!

…He will work relentlessly to restore the first "unalienable right" articulated by our Founders… the right to Life.  How can there be vitality among "We the People" when humanity itself is not respected?  Whenever the most vulnerable human beings are not valued, we are all made poorer.  Though legislation has a role here, the enduring Victory will be in the hearts, minds, and souls of the citizenry.  When we embrace those who are weakest, we are all made stronger.  Let us be united in embracing the full measure of our Founding Creed!   These “self-evident truths” still set us free!

What do we mean by “American Liberty?”

America means freedom of Thought, Conscience, and Religion ~ the right to be one’s own person

America means freedom of Speech ~ the right to express one’s beliefs without coercion or intimidation

America means freedom of Markets ~ the right to sell, trade and purchase with minimal governmental regulations

America means freedom to Prosper ~ the right to use personal investment and ingenuity to build success

America means freedom from Invasion ~ the right to empower the government to secure our borders

America means freedom from Tyranny ~ the right to defend against oppression, external and internal

America means freedom to seize our Unalienable Rights ~ “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of happiness”  

Key Initiatives:

It is essential that we end the costly bureaucratic overreach throughout the public education paradigm, particularly in regards to stripping Essential Liberties from the soul of our coming generations.  Here, the “Foundations of Liberty Act” must be passed into law.  


Additionally, communities must be empowered to accomplish Thomas Jefferson's noble goal of “an enlightened citizenry.”   In this, we must develop new approaches to serving all students… leaving no child behind as well as keeping no child held back.  Our nation's most precious resources must be genuinely empowered!   Here, as is always the case, right ideas will yield right results.  

No! to any and all taxation outside the guidelines set forth in The Constitution.

No! to spending money that we do not have... no more borrowing or merely printing money.

No! to ILLEGAL invasion of our country.  E Pluribus Unum means “Out of many, One.”  “We the people” welcome all who yearn to breathe free.  However, we set the rules, as it is our home.

Yes! to the elimination of tax and paperwork burdens placed on small business and entrepreneurship.

Yes! to “The Fair Tax” or other means of taxation that respects the principles of Liberty.

Yes! to ending the entitlement mentality, including sunseting programs that breed such thinking.

Yes! to fully supporting our all-volunteer military.  These brave warriors must receive the very best on all fronts.

Yes! to safeguarding our national sovereignty and preserving our unique identity as Americans.  

What is most needed for the essential mission of restoring “The American Dream?”

“Personal Responsibility,” “ Free-market Innovation,” and “Shared Determination” are bedrock virtues that come to mind immediately.  Of course, there are many more related ideas that come together to form the unassailable, comprehensive worldview of American Exceptionalism.  We must remind ourselves that it is our Founding Principles employed by “We the people…” that have made America “The Great Exception” in the history of the world!  Now is the time to build upon the same “Pillars of Citizenship” that are provided to the children who attend Project American Life:  The 4 Cs of Clarity, Compassion, Courage, and Commitment!   Our Founders seized these virtues; it is our time do likewise:  “We mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.”

So.. who is Jamie Aiken?  

Like you, Jamie is an American citizen.  He also happens to be the founder of a residential school “Where America’s Founding Principles Come to Life.”  This one-of-a-kind program has inspired thousands of young people through its four-day American Heritage experience.  Because of the “self-evident” results produced by such experiences, Jamie will always be promoting entrepreneurial endeavors that teach America’s heroic history, and therein inspire the virtues and duties of American citizenship:   www.projectamericanlife.com

Jamie is also a writer, musician, runner, and orator.  He and his wife live in the humble hamlet of Vestavia Hills, AL with their seven and eight-year-old girls.  Since the birth of the eldest (Eliana) and with "assistance" from her sister (Gilia) , Jamie has been full-time, hands-on in the toughest job there is… parenting.  Thankfully, it is also the most rewarding... on good days. : )   So yes, there is also a personal reason that Jamie is running for the Presidency:  He yearns to give Eliana and Gilia the opportunity to live in the kind of country given to us by our Founders and preserved through the sacrifices made by countless patriots.  Don't all of America’s children deserve this blessed opportunity to “live up to the full meaning of our creed?!”

Lastly, this is not a joke… at least, it doesn’t have to be.  This is still America isn’t it?   Frankly, I'm tired of the paradigm wherein only billionaires are "qualified" to run.  Abraham Lincoln would clearly disapprove.   Here is good news; this campaign doesn't require much funding, as its strategy is simple and straightforward:  Win the battle of ideas in debates, news coverage, and free social media!  Let us be like those “Rag-tag Patriots” who won their independence from the most powerful military and empire in the world.   Let us renew this Spirit of 1776!   Thank you.

“Jamie for President” Campaign Committee
P.O. Box 660464
Vestavia Hills, AL 35266

Contributions may be made to “We the People.”
Donations are not tax-deductible.


  • 100 votes from my end … GO for it

  • Make that “on” not “in.”

    Lynn O’Neal
  • I’ll be your campaign manager in one condition; that you make sure our pool is as great or better than before. “Save our pool!”

    Lynn I’Neal
  • FANTASTIC ! This is really great and I am ready to help in any way that a 93 year-old woman with heart problems can help. Is it OK if I ‘spread this around’ ??

    Mildred Kanning

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