July the 4th vs. Bastille Day

Though no such comparisons are easy or precise, there is one overarching reality that is the prime element separating an arch of Liberty from unbridled chaos. The principle of "endowed by our Creator" is not just a theological proposition; rather, it is the foundation for a sound, even virtuous, society. It is this bedrock that provides the prerequisite humility... surrender to a power greater than mere selfish desires. The American proposition assumes that there is a greater purpose for human existence... something we are MEANT to be. Without this greater meta-narrative, one can only have what has enslaved the human spirit from the dawn of time... all around the world: the one with the biggest stick prevails... that is, until someone arrives with an even bigger stick. In such a paradigm, there can be only temporary lulls in the ensuing unrest and violence... a storm that is never calmed. Conversely, a "Power above human power" provides the clarion call to all the ideals we hold dear: "E Pluribus Unum," "One Nation... indivisible," "In God we Trust," "Liberty and Justice for all," "the City on a Hill," and all other American branding.

Prior to Bastille Day, the French believed that human reason alone could usher in a utopian state of being. The passage of time revealed quite the opposite, as God was replaced with guillotines in a bloodbath numbered in the hundreds of thousands. Of course, these numbers only grew into the slaughter of over 100 million and the enslavement of billions under the godless imposition of "communism." In the American Revolution, the carnal nature of man was subjugated to Higher Demands, even the call of Divine Providence. And thus, July the 4th is a day that all of the children of the world should celebrate with great vigor and impassioned spirits... for on this day a much needed guiding compass for found... was claimed... was seized for all! There could be no rest until the Promise of these Declaration Principles became the abiding reality. John Adams knew this well... Abraham Lincoln was to learn it and die because of it... Martin Luther King was to posit his every word and action upon it and give his life for this moral understanding. Rejoice... the Truth still sets us free!

For the Life of the Declaration of Independence was not born of Thomas Jefferson; rather, it was born of God Almighty. Thomas Jefferson penned what had always existed... what has always been the will of our Creator. And in so doing, the world was changed for the Good in countless ways. Before we dismantle this bastion of Hope and Promise for all people, we might give serious pause to the present clamoring that is swelling around us... particularly among our youngest citizens. So many have been simply deceived... often with our own tax-dollars feeding the fury. Be advised; the loss of our Founding Principles will ultimately make the dark days of the French Revolution seem like a summer picnic in comparison. And more, what kind of people allow an absolute Good to be stolen, whitewashed, forgotten, lost forever... without even a whimper? We would do well to remember those like Patrick Henry who are able to remind us even now, "Why stand here we idle?"

Serious contemplation of today's prevailing worldview and subsequent fruits reveal so many still "self-evident truths:" All men are indeed Created equal. All ideas are not equal... in fact, far from it. On this day, we can join the mighty chorus in building that long envisioned City on a Hill... or we can sit idly by as every Good is destroyed right in front of our eyes. While there is still time... let freedom ring!

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