Morning has broken?

The people ran to the garden and joyfully gathered the bounty of fruits that glistened on the vines, trees, stalks, and bushes. And it only got better.. for the fertile earth, refreshing rain, and warming sunshine brought unending harvests!

So, what if someone decided to pull the plants out of the ground and plant them in a lavish air-conditioned landscape of painted rocks? Imagine the architects of this new garden boasting about the grand improvement: "See, who needs all that messy dirt, water, and heat? Behold the superiority of our modern ways and glorious art! Come eat of our bounty of fruit!"

Today, would we still recognize such "architects" as being insane? For all of the fruits would quickly disappear... for the plants would soon wither and die. And yet, on this day, this is exactly what is happening... as the "architects" of this new age continue their impassioned work... against little or no resistance. Consider what their garden is presently yielding... just read a paper or listen to the news.

The roots of the Good Garden extend deep into the everlasting wellspring of a God who made us in His image... and is still seeking to nourish us. These are the roots that feed the great ideas of freedom... of compassion... and of enduring meaning and purpose. These are the ideas that led our Founding Fathers to stake the whole American Cause upon the foundations of "self-evident truth" and "unalienable rights:" the abiding Gifts of our Creator.

So where have all the gardeners gone? Who is still willing to work in the fields... in the face of consistent insults, and even vicious attacks? Be of good cheer; the Good Gardener will run to us today, as we remember who we are.. who He has made us to be. Yes, the work before us will be hard... this is simply what good gardening requires.

So, press on; this is the opportunity the Lord of the Universe has granted to us! And more, He will join us in the fields... His fields... His Garden... and His Children will rejoice together... forever! In the silence of reflection, you can already hear the Hope and Promise of children laughing... singing... dancing... in the celebration of Life!

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