PAL's 20th Anniversary

As Project American Life begins her 20th year, we are continually reminded of the glaring intellectual, moral and historical deficiencies present in and among today's students. Each week, students begin their PAL adventure by being put in a harsh caste system upon stepping off the school buses. After a full day of experiential activities, The Declaration is revealed as the standard that abolishes the horrid caste system. Closing ceremonies overflow with vivid expressions of gratitude, tears of joy, and a celebration of Liberty. However, the PAL staff is astonished by the tragic reality at hand: Students do not know that America has Founding Principles, even a Founding Creed. Upon hearing The Declaration, students openly ask if it is permissible to talk about these matters since the terminology of “Creator” is front and center. This is the new America… even in Alabama.

Even more daunting, such realities are now generational… citizens who do not know what Citizenship is... Americans who do not know what America is! No, it was not the Russians, the Iranians, or the North Koreans who did this to us. It has all been self-inflicted. Though the policies were envisioned and advanced by "the few," "the many" have primarily just watched and grumbled. Beyond anything preceding the events of our paradigmatic tea party in Boston, the forgotten masses now shoulder the weight of "taxation without representation." We must pay for schools that do not represent what we believe... what all Americans used to believe... what our Founders and their founding documents shout explicitly. We are even demonized for desiring to provide any access to these "self-evident truths" to the millions of young hearts, minds, and souls. Please allow me be precise. We are not the ones desiring to coerce or control anyone! Rather, we only desire to inspire our young people... to awaken their lost dreams... to unite our nation around shared ideals... the Founding Principles that give Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness! What could possibly be wrong with such desires?! We need to examine and take note of the fact that secularists did not seize the influence they now possess by accident. They knew how to change the soul of America… and they have largely accomplished their wildest purposes. Yes, certain lies have permeated human existence from the dawn of time. Even in the most pristine Garden, deception works relentlessly to accomplish its mission.

Today, we can no longer ignore reality, or merely lament the loss, or just engage in more toothless rhetoric. We must remember Thomas Jefferson's vision of "public schools" as instruments for empowering "an enlightened citizenry"... and act upon this amazing concept! Perhaps today... like Patrick Henry, we can choose to stand up for our Founding Principles. Be assured; we have never lost the battle because of the facts or any weaknesses in our intellectual arguments. Rather, we have been relegated to second-class citizens because we have simply ceded the field. However, it doesn't have to be this way. In fact, at PAL we PROVE this every single program week: Sluggish, uninformed and often mindless students upon their arrival are awakened to vibrant, enlightened and committed citizens… in a mere four days of experiencing the still “self-evident truths!”

Congressman or Senator, PAL most surely needs to grow exponentially… from sea to shining sea! Even more pressing, the Congress of the United States needs to pass a bill that affirms who we were as Americans… who we still are... who we are meant to be!

This bill does not infringe upon anyone’s freedom to believe or not believe. If someone desires to proclaim, or even wallow in, utter nihilism, they remain free to do so. Again, the bill only allows the possibility for the best ideas, even the truth, to prevail… both historically and philosophically. Herein, the bill forever removes the stifling atmosphere of “walking on eggshells” now pervading every public school in America. The bill accomplishes our birthright: Liberty!

Liberty in our schools, Congressman and Senators! How is this anything other than American? These ideas can only seem “extreme” when contrasted with the status quo tyranny... chains of ignorance and apathy being forged upon young minds. Congressman or Senator, there is good news… there always is! I humbly make this earnest plea for your attention and leadership in this matter. The "Foundations of Liberty Act" can most certainly be modified, improved, and amplified. It’s truths will set the hearts, minds, and souls of coming generations free... here's to that bright and shiny new day!

To the Great Cause of America... I am yours in “the good fight.”

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