Slow Train Coming...

The media coverage about the "work" of Planned Parenthood has begun to wane... how can this be?  Is the matter no longer of importance? I'm pondering the prevailing "newspeak" system of ethics:  It's utter barbarism if the unborn child's body parts are sold for "research purposes;" however, if the remains of the child are nonchalantly tossed into an incinerator, then there's no problem… after all, it's even Constitutional.  Is this an acceptable, or even coherent, morality?  Is Life worth protecting? Here, there is no room for mushy answers.  If the answer is "no," mere words can never address the void.  If "yes," when is Life worth protecting?  What exactly is the living human being before he or she is deemed a person?  I notice that many use the term "fetal tissue" when describing the object of research. Now this is the whole matter isn't it?  Are those cells... a growing human being... mere tissue?  If so, when does it take on the Rights spoken of in the Declaration of Independence?

For the record, I am for any and all attention to the pursuit of healing and the advancement of knowledge, particularly enduring wisdom.  Is it such a burden that I implore that this be done without sacrificing human beings in the process?  The Nazis were also doing groundbreaking "work" in the cause of "scientific research" -- and thus, why I use the quotation marks.  If you think the quotation marks shouldn't be there, that's fine with me. This doesn't take away anything from what I seek to share.  As I hope will soon become "self-evident," my objections are way ahead of any subsequent "research."  Sure, if we accept the logic of abortion, all secondary purposes are surely on the table. If ISIS beheads me, I guess it's better that they then use my body parts for some scientific purpose rather than just tossing my body in the dumpster. However, if they claimed to be doing all this for some altruistic purpose, I hope that someone would rise to my defense.

I remember reading about the efficiency of the trains that transported those unwanted and burdensome Jews for "relocation" purposes. The trains came and went... day by day... performing necessary tasks... few questions ever asked... like, "Where are the trains taking all of those people?" The Allied Forces finally came and turned on the lights... and the millions of unspeakable horrors were revealed. Many German citizens expressed astonishment, "We had no idea these atrocities were taking place." Did you ever wonder how they missed the "self-evident?"

What is an acceptable way to end the life of an unborn human being? After all, there are lots of "techniques" available (some learned from the Nazis). So, what are the good techniques… who would like to offer the list? Yes, the present alarm is not about something new... it's only a glimpse behind the curtain. Here, we see the coldness and emptiness of the human heart.. and it causes us pain. But what will we do with this discomfort? Will we continue to watch the trains pass us by? If so, what will we ultimately find in our own hearts?  Remember, the lights have been fully turned on for quite some time… ever since the advent of ultrasound technology.

The Jews coined a most apt response to such crimes against their humanity. In considering the staggering loss of 6 million innocent lives, they cried out in unity, "Never again!"  In this, they honor every life lost.  In this, they honor every life to come.  And so, what terminology should we choose when considering the 60 million innocent lives destroyed in America since 1973?  What should we call the heartache that remains hidden within countless others... to this very moment?  Even more significantly, what does the Creator of Life call it?

Thankfully, even here, there is good news. There really is One who can put the spilled wine back into the bottle... without losing a single drop.  Just as flowers follow the rain... everlasting joy will follow repentance.  Isn't it time for something more than the ever-shifting outrage of the day?  Let this be the day of new beginnings!  Together, let us work to offer enduring healing to each hurting heart... for there remains a Balm in Gilead for any and all who desire it!  Let this be the starting point for restoring our country… the one nation founded upon an everlasting moral principle, "Endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life!"

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