The Endowment of Life

(Regarding the sanctity of human life) "With respect to those meanings of "human" that are relevant to the morality of abortion, any fetus is less human than an adult pig."  (Regarding a child in the womb with Down Syndrome)  "Abort it and try again.  It would be immoral to bring it into the world if you have the choice.”  
- Richard Dawkins, famous "scientist"

A woman named Emily Letts recently filmed herself as she was having an abortion (predictably, the child was left out of the production). Proud of the process, Ms. Letts posted the video on Youtube. Regarding the abortion, she opined, "This was as birth-like as it could be. It will always be a special memory for me." Many have since championed her bravery.

Like Thomas Jefferson long ago, I tremble for our country today...  for the “self-evident" seems beyond reach... almost.  Hope remains in the fact that so little coherent and comprehensive effort has been put forth to counter the prevailing postmodern wave of thinking... or lack of it. Towards the goal of standing up in a fallen world... I ask consideration of these thoughts... from Ms. Letts, her supporters, and, of course, any and all yearning to rise... even to stand!

Remarkably, the country that provided the world an enduring charter for respecting the dignity of all human beings began its journey not fully standing upon its own revolutionary foundation. In fact, many citizens of this new kind of nation maintained the audacious claim that human beings of darker pigmentation were not fully human... and thus could be held as slaves. As one would expect, the evidence to the contrary was overwhelming; in fact, this evidence was overwhelming to even those who supported (or merely tolerated) slavery.  As the lie served the societies' personal interests, great efforts were made to make sure slaves did not learn to read, learn the lessons of history, and certainly not hear ideas like those in The Declaration of Independence.  Of course, there was staggering incoherence in all of this:  If slaves were not fully human, then there would be no need of controlling their access to information. After all, how could access to simple facts change anything? But those yearning to believe the lie worked relentlessly to limit the availability of information to slaves because they knew that if all were known, not only would the slaves demand their God-given rights, but alas, so would the rest of society. Herein is the legacy of humanity... the insistence on having one's own way... the capacity to hide what is "self-evident."

Tragically, elites today prefer merely pointing backwards towards those of the past... denigrating what they will not understand while hiding from the realities they presently embrace.  Today, countless human beings will be intentionally killed because other human beings do not want them... while the surrounding society looks away... not caring enough to even consider the evidence. Just as in the case of slavery, some people have power over other people. The facts are not sought, as these are manifestly available through an ever-present search engine or by simply taking a few moments to think. Where does "science" stand? Well, it is an absolute fact that the child in the womb is a separate and new life. It should be apparent that only time stands between the child's smallness and the greatness that the Creator of the Universe has in mind for each of them. Sure, they are dependent on someone else... just as my 6 and 8-year-old children remain today. But they are human beings by any "scientific" descriptive or by any comprehensive analysis. Not only was the landmark Roe vs. Wade decision built upon unconstitutional grounds, but its incoherent rationales were rendered in 1973 before ultrasound technology existed. Of course, honest souls have always known that the child in the womb is a human being... but today it is observable. One can literally see the child moving and responding just like a newborn. I think of the times when slaves were denied access to information and a question arises, "Why would anyone want to deny access to the information an ultrasound makes available?"

Beyond the lie that abortion is just "lifeless tissue removal" is the lie that such actions fix anything.  I consider the women who are haunted every day by the decision to end the life of their own child. These testimonials are easily available as well... by searching... or listening... or just imagining. Since 1973, over 60 million lives have been ended intentionally in the United States alone... with nearly this many women left to lament the loss for a lifetime... often alone.  And yet, there is hardly a groan in the larger society... much as in the days of slavery.  But even so, there is good news: It was a few dedicated warriors who eventually abolished the public institution of slavery. The courage of a few (and the subsequent sacrifices of many) opened the eyes of the masses!

Today, one would be hard-pressed to find anyone in America who thinks that slavery is okay.  Consider... the idea that "all men are Created equal" was with us all along. Thomas Jefferson just put it on paper... and because of his vision other men came to believe it. Today, we must ask ourselves if we believe it, because there is evidence that demands verdicts:  If the child in the womb is not a person worthy of dignity, then who is? Do other people simply get to decide who is a person and who is not? Reflect upon the present clamor regarding all kinds of supposed "rights"... including the right to even re-define a host of realities. For the sake of clarity, if the "Creator" is not the Author of our "inalienable rights," who or what is?!

Does the truth matter? To the person falsely charged, the truth certainly matters to him or her! In abortion, humans beings are sentenced to death and women (and often fathers) are sentenced to life without parole... that is, life without being free of the broken connection with their children. This is quite the sentence being rendered. So, is it being rendered on the basis of truth? Consider... the one bearing the harshest sentence is completely innocent. Also, the lifetime sentence is often upon women who have been manipulated and misled. Can "we the people" do better than this?

I vividly remember seeing both of my girls in an ultrasound when they were just tiny dot images. My eyes filled with tears in the presence of a real miracle... right there in front of me. It was so real... the presence of something far beyond the day-to-day grind of this world. I want that spirit to grow... in me... in everyone... as I know it would heal so much suffering in the world.  And more, the Truth changes things for all Eternity!   Those tiny dots were the necessary step for becoming Eliana and Gilia today.. just as they were the path for you and me.  And this sacred journey... does not ever end... just as we've not stopped changing, growing, living.  

Some people are moved to tears because of thoughts for an innocent man savagely executed 2000 years ago. I believe such tears are rightly shed... tears for the man who said, "I am the resurrection and the life."  How strange that Life was judged worthy of death... how strange that this Life declared, "As you do it unto the least of these, you do it unto me.” Let this day be the day when Truth is given room... the fruits of Life are waiting for us! Does the Truth still set us free? The answer must be yes or no. If the answer is yes, there is much work we must accomplish... works of healing and love... for now and for Eternity.  Be assured; Morning is coming!

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