The Unmentionable Motto...

Usually a motto is something that the entity who chose it is proud to share.  For some reason, this truism is clearly not applicable in regards to the present state of our Union. 

"In God We Trust" is the official motto of the United States of America, adopted in 1956.  It replaced the former unofficial motto of "E pluribus unum” (out of many, one).  A Joint Resolution by the 84th Congress was written and signed into law by President Eisenhower declaring that "In God We Trust" must appear on all American currency.  Later in the year, the same Congress passed legislation declaring the phrase to be our national motto.  This official change was made to clearly differentiate the inherent theism of these United States (built upon “self-evident truths” that “all men are Created equal”) from the growing threat of communism (whose worldview is strictly atheistic).

Very interesting... so what changed?  There is great irony in the fact that Russia today is more accepting of faith paradigms in the public sphere than the prevailing status quo within America.  If you doubt this, try scheduling me to come do a talk at a public school entitled, "In God we Trust."  I'll be more than happy to come give the address... to an individual classroom, a school assembly, or any other school function.  Though I am well-prepared to give the presentation... in historic terms as well as philosophically... I do not think I'll be getting any calls.  Why not?  How did our nation's official motto become controversial... even out-of-bounds... even forbidden in the public schools paid for with our tax dollars?  At any rate, I'll be awaiting calls for speaking engagements.

The youngest schoolchildren used to know the moral underpinning of becoming "One nation... under God... Indivisible... with Liberty and Justice for All!"  All children used to proud of what remains etched into our currency:  "In God we Trust."  Do we really want to toss aside the "unalienable Rights" of "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness"... endowed by our Creator... enshrined by our Founders... preserved by the blood of patriots from 1776 to today.  If we can longer trust the Power above all human power... the Author of our Rights... the Giver of Life and Liberty... in what shall we find the requisite strength for "our sacred honor?"

Regardless of all else, good news still abides:  Our moral compass is still at hand... if we only have the wisdom and courage to seize it:

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