Blessed are...

Our Father in Heaven always blesses His children... but seldom in the way the children would choose. After all, children generally only know what they want... not what they need. They know in part... the Father knows in full. It is interesting how far the trajectories of the Faithful differ from the hopes of the fanciful. The only begotten first fruit of the Garden was viciously slandered, callously betrayed, mercilessly beaten and savagely murdered.

Of course, such "blessings" were repeatedly replicated in the lives of His disciples, including Paul. The first believers fared no better within the Ichthus culture. For 2000 years, this has been the paradigm... just as Jesus clearly said it would be. Who are we to believe we moderns are somehow under a newer covenant? When did this take place? What did we do to merit this status?

Did those we now call saints... those who were martyred for their faith... have it all wrong? Did they simply fail to receive the "blessings" offered? If so... Joan of Arc was but a crazy person. Deitrich Bonhoeffer erred wildly when he insisted, "When Christ calls a man, he bids him come and die." Martin Luther King wasn't seeing the everlasting Truth from the mountaintop... he was only waxing poetically. Those who will die this very day for earnestly attempting to follow Jesus Christ are but a gaggle of ignorant fools. Our Father in Heaven isn't interested in the Truth that sets us free... from the sin of self! God is but our errand boy to provide us ever more mammon.

There was a time I thought as a child. I sought to do good... and was rewarded for doing so. All seemed well. But our Father doesn't take us by the hand to lead us to an umbrella in the shade. He guides us to His path... His way... His Truth and His Life Eternal. I remember the innocence of the perfect garden... and the Love therein. Though I miss its loss in my present life... I will rejoice in its return. There can be no joy nor peace in discovering that the jewels we sought to give were only fashioned into arrows to pierce our heart. There is only sadness in having to endure the presence of the lie... the present victories of the enemy: the slander, the betrayal, the denial, the thorns, the whips, the nails, the mockery, the hurt... the desperate writhing in the dark as the Light of the soul is extinguished... struggling breath by breath.

Do not cry for long... Morning is coming. His good work is accomplished! Endure regardless of the prevailing circumstances... for He has overcome the world. And He will not allow even a speck of Goodness to be wasted... all of it will rise! He is building His Kingdom... just beyond the veil... so very close to each of us. All that seems strong and majestic in this world will soon crumble. For the weak will be made strong... the humble will be exalted... the last will be first... and the least will be greatest! Have no fear; His children never walk alone... they are truly Blessed! All will be made Right... the Truth alone will stand... and His strong hands will lift His children upward to the pure Light of Love... forever!

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