"Toxic Masculinity"

“Toxic Masculinity”... the descriptive is becoming commonplace in describing males.  Would the word “toxic” be used as a characteristic for any other group of people?  The fact that men have passively acquiesced to this new paradigm is present evidence that we might not be nearly as “masculine” as is being suggested.

The American Psychological Association recently paired “traditional masculinity” with “toxic.”  I wonder if "traditional femininity" is also an inherent problem.  I'm guessing it is.  I don't know if I'm still allowed to have thoughts on this matter (being a man and all); however, it seems that part of the “problem” is with the notion of "traditional."  That is, all of the things that have been the accepted realities for all people at all times must now be discarded... since they're so bad, even toxic.  After all, this is from the APA... it's "science”... so it can’t possibly be a prejudicial over-generalization.  If only the APA had been here from the beginning... what a wonderful world it would have been.  Yes, it's "self-evident" that the wholesale dismissal of "traditional" understandings have brought many positive fruits:  fulfilling lives, healthy families and prosperity across the board.  Wait... the actual facts are unprecedented levels of suicide, emotional distress, drug abuse, broken families, desperate young people and circles of poverty (both external and internal).  

Organizations such as the APA have incredible influence... its practitioners now "serve" millions of Americans annually.  I wonder what they're actually accomplishing... lots of people getting well we must assume.  I wonder why they have an ever-increasing number of customers?  (For the record, I'm sure many of these psychologists really do help many people.)  To be clear, the APA is not the cause of these postmodern problems.  Rather, they are but a downstream symptom... the fruit of a people who have either forgotten or outright rejected Life's Author.  If such renderings were just the ramblings of the APA it might even be amusing... as the contradictions are manifest... absurdities by the bushel. However, their conclusions are now mainstream... they are who we as a people have become.  

So... do you like where these roads have led?  Do you like being condemned by external qualities of which you had no control?  The Sacred Dream of Martin Luther King was that people would be known by the "content of their character"... not by their gender... not by their color... not by their identity politics... but because we are all "Created Equal."  Do some of us still long for this?  If so, this is the time to stand up... while we still can.   We are already being punished for our thoughts... many have literally lost their jobs.  Many will actually have contempt for me for simply sharing these thoughts... merely asking questions.  They would hurt me severely if they could.  If you doubt this, you are either being disingenuous or are extremely misinformed.  I say this only as a warning:  The "Brave New World" is upon us.   

I've attached some images of "traditional masculinity"... as well as the new "guidelines" of the APA.   You choose.  (The should-be needless disclaimer:  The APA renderings, of course, contain many valid observations.  However, these pathologies are not due to "design," but, of course, because of individual applications by many broken people.  Key Question:  Why are so many now broken, particularly males?)  Lastly, I'm backwoods enough to still believe that the Creator of the Universe made us men and women for a reason... a good reason... even a perfect reason.   It is truly "self-evident" that we are designed to help each other... to give birth to new generations... to begin the unity that is the Hope and Promise for all children of the Living.  It's hard to imagine a world without the earnestness of Mary Magdalene, the compassion of Mother Teresa or the wit and precision of Lady Margaret Thatcher.  Cheers to all people of good will... Aslan is on the move!


Note:  A primary concern is the incorporating of the word “masculine,” as the word designates God-given qualities that have long been surrounded by intrinsic virtues.  Over time, the denigration of “masculinity” will negatively affect the most vulnerable as well... natural protectors thereby effectively neutered.  In fact, this is already happening:  Boys are often condemned, and even punished, for just being "traditional" boys. 

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