Founding Beverages

In 1776, Congress declared coffee our new national beverage in protest of British taxation on tea. Today, Founding Beverages crafts the finest, organic, fair trade certified coffee from the freshest Arabica beans. In this very bag, we have captured the heroic spirit of our Founders and the rich flavors of America’s Founding Blends! When you purchase a bag of Founding Beverages Coffee, you are helping to assist schools, churches, and other organizations in fulfilling their vital missions. 100% of our profits go to charity! Indeed, "we the people" can serve "the common good" in exceptional ways. May the blessed bell of Liberty ring loudly for you!

Declaration Dew:
"This magic mud is the favorite drink of the civilized world; it’s self-evidently satisfying! Prior to 'We hold these truths to be self-evident,' I could only manage, 'This is obvious you British swine!' Consider, a mere trifle of Declaration Dew inspired my historic treatise most remarkably! Carpe’ Dew and illumine the world!"
~ Thomas Jefferson
Valley Forged:
"Though shivering in the cold valley of despair, Valley Forged was our indispensable elixir.  Coffee and Patriots must be stout and steadfast... as happiness and duty are one. On this fine day, I pray this sacred concoction becomes a mighty sword and a stalwart shield in our Great Cause of Liberty as it became for us in America's Great Cause! Cheers my honorable friends!"
~ George Washington
Viva La Liberte'
"If not for this coffee, I would have napped instead of drafting our sacred Charters of Freedom. Yes, I flew kites in thunderstorms, but Viva La Liberte' is my lightening in a cup! My dear fellows, try a few cups and discover what glorious and enduring truths are waiting for you! Viva La Cafe’!"
~ Benjamin Franklin