"Remember" (the musical)

Here is an excerpt from the musical, "Remember."  A pdf file of the script is FREE upon request.  Jamie the Builder is seeking groups who are interested in putting the musical into production. Just send an email to projectj@bellsouth.net along with your specific requests. 

If God entered our world today...
Would we recognize Grace and Truth walking among us?

“You’re not a story I once read
You’re not a thought I made up in my head
Yes, I believe that you are here with me
You walk with me just like you did before
And I believe that you will stay with me
And guide me to the place where you are”

© 2017 Words and music written by Jamie Aiken

(The setting is a megachurch sanctuary where a youth theatrical production is about to begin. Two of the church’s ministers come out to welcome the audience: Senior Minister, Rev. Joseph Kayfus and Associate Minister, Rev. Nick O’Demas.)

Rev. Joseph Kayfus: (loud and jolly voice) Hello everyone! Welcome to this year’s National Church Conference: “Praising the Lord in Spectacular Ways!” And speaking of spectacular, we’re kicking off the conference with a special treat: a stunning presentation by some amazing young people. And yes, they’re all from right here! After watching, I think you’ll agree with me that they’ve been extremely well fed through our ministries here. And more, I’m sure all of you are going to be blessed by this anointed production. You got anything you’d like to add, Nick?

Rev. Nick O’Demas: (shyly and sincerely) Well… sure. We hope you will feel free to visit us here any time. I’d love to meet you... maybe we can talk sometime during the conference.

Rev. Joseph Kayfus: Yes, indeed! And, as our church blesses you, we hope you’ll bless us with your prayers... and your gifts! And yes, (with hearty laugh) we do accept credit cards. Amen! I know God will bless you for it. Ain’t that right, Rev. Nick?

Rev. Nick O’Demas: (pausing) Well… I’m sure God is always seeking to bless His children. I pray we’ll open our hearts to these blessings. I know I should do this better each and every day. Like many of us, it’s hard for me…

Rev. Joseph Kayfus: (interrupting) Okay then... thank you, Nick. Before we get started, we need to recognize some dignitaries who have so graciously joined us this evening. One special guest needs no introduction, but let’s let him know how much we appreciate his dedicated service. Ladies and gentlemen, the Governor of our great state is with us tonight! 
(Rev. Kayfus leads the applause as he motions towards the Governor... who is out of view.) Thank you, Governor! (more applause) Also, we’re honored to have the most distinguished Judge Pilates with us! Please stand, Your Honor! (Rev. Kayfus motions to the judge who rises and bows while Rev. Kayfus leads the applause.) Wow, how about our special guests, Rev. Nick?!

Rev. Nick O’Demas: (softly) Well... I guess that’s neat. I’m glad everyone is here.

Rev. Joseph Kayfus: (making fun of Nick) Okay then... Rev. Nick, do you need me to get you a cup of coffee or something? So... are my young people ready backstage? (Rev. Kayfus looks offstage.) Perfect! Let’s get the blessings flowing! Ladies and gentlemen, it’s showtime!

(Both exit. Then, Rev. Nick O’Demas returns… awkwardly.)

Rev. Nick O’Demas: Uh… for some reason, I felt I should share this with you before the play begins. If you would, please consider what Christ was saying to His disciples… (pause)… and perhaps what He is saying to us now. (He opens his Bible to read the following passage.) “Unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God… but unto those who are without, all of these things are done in parables: that seeing they may see, and yet not perceive; and hearing they may hear, and yet not understand. He that has ears to hear… let him hear…”

(Rev. Nick O’Demas scans the audience and then slowly walks away as the cast wanders drearily into view from all directions. Their clothing and accessories vary from the latest in styles… to modest attire… to seemingly impoverished. As they begin, each speaks in dry, uninspiring tones... merely reciting the words from the script.)

Martha: In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

Jude: And the earth was without form and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.

Sally: And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

Chloe: And God said, Let there be light; and there was light.

Andrew: And God saw the light, that it was good; and God divided the light from the darkness.

(Suddenly, all the lights go off and the cast murmurs nervously as if there is an unexpected problem. Rev. Nick O’Demas and Rev. Kayfus rush out to address the situation.)

Rev. Nick O’Demas: Friends, please remain calm. It seems like we have an electrical problem of some kind. I’m going to check the breakers and should have things fixed shortly.

Rev. Kayfus: Okay… while we’re waiting, let me remind you of our upcoming events. There are still a few tickets available for the “National Church Planting Conference” in Orlando. As your keynote speaker, I’ll be sharing how I grew this church from a few half-hearted members to a vibrant fellowship of over 100,000! You can register for the conference through our website, and there’s a link for reserving rooms at the Resort. If you’re a golfer, you’ll want to arrive early, as we’ll be having a couple of days of fellowship that we’re calling “Prayer on the Links.” Also, many of you have expressed interest in the “Cruising with Christ” adventure this summer.  Yes, it’s two breathtaking weeks of exploring the Eastern Caribbean and the scriptures in the...

(Suddenly, a man in the audience dressed in a tattered military-looking jacket jumps from his seat and interrupts Rev. Kayfus. His unkempt appearance and manner seem wildly inappropriate to the occasion. Rev. Kayfus looks shocked… and the cast members have various bewildered reactions, including fear.)

John: (approaching Rev. Kayfus) No… No… No! This must not be! This is supposed to be a house of prayer, but you have made it a den of fools! (whirling around semi-crazed) Yes, I’ve been silent too long. Today, we will start by acknowledging our manifold sins!

Rev. Kayfus: (sternly) John, now is not the time for your ranting; your behavior here is most inappropriate. As soon as we get the lights fixed, my youth are continuing with our excellent presentation.

John: Excellent presentation?! What’s excellent about it? It’s absolutely dreadful! Creation is about Life… overflowing with the power of Almighty God! You hypocrites! This pointless play is what is inappropriate!

Rev. Kayfus: (embarrassed by the situation) Okay John, you’ve had your say... but now, it’s time to move on. Must I have you forcibly removed? Remember, I’m the one in charge here.
John: In charge of what?! There is only One to whom I answer… He who is building His church in repentant hearts! He’s calling the broken... beggars, outcasts, and all yearning to hear! He holds the power that lights the world! (John motions upwards and the lights begin to glow.)

Rev. Kayfus: (panicked) Hey! What’s going on here?!

John: Realness is coming, Kayfus! Are you ready?
Rev. Kayfus: (panic turning to fear) Am I ready?! Ready for what?!

John: (calmly but forcefully as he moves towards Rev. Kayfus) For the coming of the Lord! There is One who will make the crooked straight… even if he is as crooked as you.

(Rev. Nick O’Demas rushes back on stage, as Rev. Kayfus stands stunned and confused. Rev. Kayfus stares blankly at Nick... stares at John... stares at the audience without expression... and then walks off the stage, as if sleep walking. Everyone else remains frozen, as if in shock.)

Rev. Nick O’Demas: Okay... here’s the deal. Clearly, what we have here is far from an electrical issue. Sadly, for many, it may feel like an unbearable tragedy. However, for some, it’s good news... very good news... the best news! For all of us... today can be the day of salvation.

John: (earnestly to Nick) Do you happen to have some wild honey and fresh locusts?

Rev. Nick O’Demas: (laughing) No, not on me; I’m sorry, John. (John looks dejected.) Wait, have you checked in our snack bar? (Nick motions him in the right direction.)

(John walks up close to Nick and looks him in the eyes most intensely.)

John: (sincerely) Thank you, Nick. You’re okay. (John walks off in the direction advised.)

Rev. Nick O’Demas: (turning to address audience) Friends, God entered time thousands of years ago... but in the Kingdom of God, time is temporary AND Eternal... at the same time! Consider... the 100 year-old-man remembers his childhood vividly, as if it were just yesterday. Likewise, from the old man to the smallest child, a living echo is right here, “I am with you always... even to the end of the age.” (pausing) And so, this theatrical work continues... but now in the realm of the Spirit... where time and Eternal time are one.

(The lights become multi-colored flashes as Nick gazes upwards with arms open wide. Suddenly, all the lights go off. After a short pause, the lights come on revealing the group talking amongst themselves.
Rev. Nick has departed. Rev. Kayfus and John are walking towards each other from opposite directions.)

John: (fervently) And so, I shout, “Repent!” Yes, even a crook like you can be straightened!

Rev. Kayfus: (highly offended) What?! Who are you calling a crook?! You’re the crook! You’re a liar! (with increasing speed and panic) I know what you are... you’re a lunatic... you’re a child of the devil! Out with you, Satan! (attempting to usher John away) Out with you!

John: (seizing the hands of Rev. Kayfus, John speaks with intense power) Even now, the axe is laid to the root of the tree. Every tree that does not bear good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire!

Rev. Kayfus: (moving backwards rubbing his hurting hands) You’re going to pay for this, John! You’re going to pay! (Rev. Kayfus turns and runs off the stage.)

John: (turning to the others) And you… hypocrites! Do you want to end up like Rev. Kayfus? Then, stop just going through the motions! Stop pretending to speak for God when you haven’t taken even a moment to listen to Him! You must repent… and NOW is the time! Change my friends. Waiting for a good time? Well... how about... Now!

(Suzanna, Thomas, Joanna, Peter and Matt humbly approach John. Matt is last... slowed by his profound limp. John has each of them kneel as he pulls out a bottle of water and pours some in his hand and then upon their heads. The others whisper amongst themselves… bewildered.)

John: (amidst the symbolic baptizing) For repentance, I baptize you with water, but there is One coming who is mightier than I. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire. Consider a caterpillar’s transformation into a butterfly. You can do the same; you MUST do the same!

(The newly baptized return to the others, as the lights fade and a soft spotlight illumines John.)

John: (turning to the audience and motioning with his hands) He’ll gather all that is good together... just like a mother hen gathers her chicks. But the evil and the useless will be thrown out and burned. (His voice begins to shake and crack, as he emotionally elaborates.) Prepare the way of the Lord… make His paths straight. Every valley shall be filled, and every mountain and hill shall be brought low, and the crooked shall be made straight, and the rough ways shall be made smooth; (almost weeping) and all flesh shall see the salvation of God.
(Joshua enters from the back, walking down the aisle towards John. As he nears him, he stops and calls his name.)

Joshua: (smiling) John!

(John looks up and wonderment begins to etch his countenance. Joshua walks up to him and places his hand on his shoulder.)

Joshua: (calmly) Baptize me, John.

John: (stunned, he bows, then kneels) No… no… no… it is I who needs to be baptized by you!

Joshua: (smiling) Listen John. You are right to say that I come baptizing with fire. (Joshua gently touches John on the forehead.) But it is not the fire of power my friend. I am coming with the fire of love.

(He takes John’s hand and lifts him to his feet. Joshua looks into his eyes and then bows his head while dropping to his knees. John humbly pours water in his hand and anoints Joshua’s head. A white spotlight grows brighter… as Joshua rises and turns towards the group.)

Joshua: (playfully) John, what did you do to these people?

John: (embarrassed) I think I woke a few of them up… and… I may have scared a few.

Joshua: (smiling) Yes, I see.

(Joshua walks up to the group... engaging with each... one at a time. He draws on their foreheads with his finger, playfully squeezes their cheeks, robustly seizes their hands, etc. Afterwards, each member of the group has a refreshed countenance... with all focused upon Joshua.)

Joshua: Be clear; there is no man greater than John. And yes, he has rightly called you to repentance. How does it feel to be awake?! My friends... there is so much more! I am inviting you to grow… to give… to become. The best is waiting for you! For today, New Life begins!

Joshua: (while walking up the aisle, he turns back and calls) Hey! What are y’all doing just standing there? (motioning) Come... follow me... we’ve got work to do!

(They all follow Joshua enthusiastically up the aisle and out of sight. John is left alone contemplating what has happened and then turns to address the audience.)

John: (pointing in the direction of Joshua’s departure) Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world. He is the One I’ve been seeking; someone who comes after me but is also before me. I came baptizing with water... so that he might be known. (overcome with emotion) Just now, I saw the Holy Spirit descending like a dove and resting upon him. Did you see it?!

(Joshua returns alone and walks up to John.)

Joshua: John, there’s someone missing.
John: What do you mean? Everyone followed you.
Joshua: Not everyone… I am seeking another... someone very special.

(He scans the audience until he spots the person (Mary). She is dressed in provocative clothing, but has a very timid spirit. He draws closer and smiles at her, but she looks behind her as if he were looking at someone else. He motions for her to come up on the stage.)

Joshua: Yes! You! (walking towards her with outstretched hands) Yes, you are the one I have been seeking.

Mary: (shyly) What do you mean? I’m nobody special.

Joshua: (softly) Perhaps you feel this way, but trust me… you are the one I need.

Mary: (humbly bewildered) But... but... why do you need me?

Joshua: (smiling) Well... how about this: You will fulfill the purposes of our Heavenly Father! How’s that? And more, your love will warm the hearts of many... until the end of time.

(He gently takes her hand and guides her to the stage. She is awkward, but he tenderly helps her get seated while softly whispering to her. Before leaving her side, Joshua hands Mary a green letter. John looks totally confused... but Joshua motions for John to follow him. Before departing, Joshua faces the audience.)

Joshua: (loudly and joyously) Today, you have heard Good News… the ancient prophecy has been fulfilled! Today IS the day of salvation!

(Joshua and John walk up the aisle talking with each other. Mary opens the letter and ponders its contents as the music begins.)

Sing to Me
I know that you hear me now
I know 'cause that's what I've been told
And I know that you love me so
But sometimes I wonder where you are
I know you've got lots to do
But can you take some time for me?
Oh, sing to me… bring to me… love
Find me… Unbind me… from my fear
Please sing to me… bring to me… love
Find me… Unbind me… this I pray
I know that this is your world
You made the mountains and the streams
And I know that you love me so
But don't you know I am so afraid?
Will you come and take me now
To a place where I belong
And sing to me… bring to me… love
Find me… Unbind me… from my fear
Please sing to me… bring to me… love
Find me… Unbind me… this I pray
I know that you hear me now…
(The group returns while Mary is singing. When the song ends, the creation story begins from a new angle with a new passion. The group is gathered around Mary, as she quitely shares the contents of the letter. Rev. Kayfus enters and watches from a distance (visibly agitated).

Suzanna: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God!

Matt: (struggling to walk forward) The same was in the beginning with God!

Joanna: All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made!

Peter: In him was life; and the life was the light of men!

Thomas: And the light shines in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not!

Rev. Kayfus: What are y’all doing? That’s not how I have things planned!

Peter: But... but... I think the Spirit is moving, Rev. Kayfus! Can you feel it?

Rev. Kayfus: What?! No! (pauses) I mean... there are lots of different spirits, Peter!

Peter: Well... more precisely, we met someone very special just a little while ago. He shared all of these new thoughts with us... and so much more! You really need to meet him, Rev. Kayfus.

Rev. Kayfus: (displeased) Sure, that’d be great. But for now, we need to get back to the Lord’s work! (Kayfus notices Mary, pointing with disdain) What is she doing here?! (condescendingly) Mary, we’re SUPPOSED to be doing sacred works and deeds right now. Do you understand?

Mary: (slowly and shyly) Yes, that’s what I’m wanting to do. There’s something you need to know… something I can share with you.

Rev. Kayfus: What?! Okay... you can do that later. (sarcastically) I’m sure it’s fascinating.

(Mary begins reading the green letter.)

Mary: (reading) There is one who goes before us. Over two thousand years ago... upon dusty roads of the Middle East, there walked a man...

Rev. Kayfus: (interrupting) Seriously Mary, that’s fine… but we need to get back on track.

Mary: (anxiously returning to the letter) ...a man who knew of a great kingdom... far, far away... and yet, close to each of us. In living his vision...

Rev. Kayfus: (interrupting more rudely) Mary, I said that was enough.

Mary: (returning to the letter) In living his vision, he gave the greatest of dreams...

Rev. Kayfus: (walking towards Mary) Be quiet, you temptress!

Peter: (rising in defense of Mary) Hold on a second, Rev. Kayfus. She’s reading a message Joshua gave to her. Just listen for a moment; you might even be interested in what she’s sharing.  I mean... couldn’t you at least talk a little sweeter to her?

Rev. Kayfus: Joshua! Who is Joshua?! (shaking his head) Never mind; it doesn’t matter. So, you want some sweet talk? Do you know what you can get with a bunch of sweet empty words?

Peter: (pausing) I’m not sure; what can I get?

Rev. Kayfus: Jack squat! Come on, Peter; you’re smarter than that. Now... who’s ready to come with me and get back to the Lord’s work? (Everyone just looks at each other. Highly irritated, Rev. Kayfus departs… followed only by Jude.)

Peter: Go ahead Mary; what are you wanting to share with us?

Mary: There is one who goes before us. Over two thousand years ago... upon dusty roads of the Middle East, there walked a man who knew of a great kingdom... far, far away... and yet, close to each of us. In living his vision, he gave the greatest of dreams to all who would come after him.

(Everyone sits down to contemplate Mary’s reading. Music begins and Mary begins to sing. One by one, everyone joins in the singing. The chorus builds until everyone except Mary exits up the aisle in a procession... still singing in full voice.)

Only You

To see only what is real (Show me what is real)
To see only you (See Your face come shining through)
To see past the things we have tried to conceal (Beyond the things I feel)
To see only you (Please help me see)
To see only you

(When only Mary remains singing, the lights begin to fade. Upon singing the last note, Mary gazes upwards and the lights go out. After a pause, the lights come on to reveal Joshua and John sitting with her. Group members slowly wander into the scene… beginning with Jude.)

Mary: Joshua, who are you? You seem so familiar to me. Do I know you?

Joshua: (warmly) Thanks for asking, Mary. I think you do know me... but what do you think?

Mary: (humbly) I’m not sure... I don’t remember clearly. But... I know I want to know you.

Joshua: Sweet Mary, you can trust your own eyes and ears. For the most precious gift has been given to you... eyes to see... ears to hear... a heart to feel... a mind to know. Tell me... who am I?

Mary: (shyly) You’ll be my teacher. (pauses, then smiles) You are my friend.

Joshua: (with delight) You’re right, Mary! And more, I know you will always be my friend.

Jude: (interrupting) I’m beginning to think you’re a nut. Can’t you just speak to us clearly?

Joshua: Well Jude, what exactly is not clear to you?

Jude: (cynically) Let’s see... how about what we’re talking about: Who are you?! And... what are you doing here? And... from where did you come? And... most of all, why are you here?!

Joshua: Okay, Jude; you are certainly asking the right questions. I can answer them all. However, are you sure you want the truth? More to the point, will you believe me if I tell you?

Jude: (laughing) Why do make everything so difficult... so mysterious? Of course, I want the truth... who doesn’t? Sure, I’ll definitely believe the truth... if and when you speak it.

Joshua: (reflecting) I know that you will some day, Jude. (pausing, then sadly) I wish you could believe me now.

Jude: (flippantly) Well… here I am, Joshua! Give me something to believe. I’m right here... waiting... on you! (Jude holds his hand to his ear feigning earnest interest.)

Joshua: (shaking his head) Jude... Jude... how I wish it were that easy. (motioning) Nonetheless, will everyone huddle up? I’ve been wanting to share some particulars with you.
Peter: (curiously) You’ve been waiting to share some things... with us?!

Suzanna: (excited) I knew it! We do know you from somewhere. (pausing) Right? Right?!

Joshua: (laughing) Wouldn’t you be best at knowing whatever it is you know?

Joanna: (confused) So, we know we know you... if we really know... what we think we know?

Joshua: (laughing) Let’s try this: If you see peaches in a tree, what kind of tree do you say it is?

Suzanna: (with excitement) A peach tree!

Joshua: (smiling) Well... there you are.

Jude: (frustrated) Why are we talking about trees? Our main question is not at all complicated. Should I say it a bit slower, “Who... are... YOU?” Just tell us plainly... please!

Joshua: (smiling) Okay Jude, how about this? I am the light of the world! Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness... for they will have the light of life.

Jude: (flustered) Look Joshua, we’re only wanting some basic questions answered... and you talk about peaches... or being a light of some kind. Why can’t you just tell us the truth?

Joshua: (calmly) That’s what I’ve been doing, Jude. I so wanted you to hear me... and for you to understand. I heard you. (pausing) I am sad that you are not able to hear the voice of God.

Jude: (annoyed) So... are you saying I’m deaf… or just stupid? Come on... “voice of God?!” Who do you think you are? That kind of talk might appeal to a bunch of losers and rejects...

John: (jumping up angrily) Who exactly are you talking about?! (right in Jude’s face) Do you have something you want to say to me?!

Joshua: (calmly) Let him be, John. Everyone is free to think or not think... to choose or not choose... to hear or not hear… to see or not see. Consider yourself blessed when you see. Remember John; my Kingdom is not here. That’s why I’m not understood by the well-adjusted. I am Good News to the troubled… yes, those often thought of as losers, rejects… and all the rest.

Jude: (trying to reconcile) Hey guys, I’m just wanting us all to be on the same page... so we can actually accomplish things that matter. Obviously, things must be built; thus, we’ve got to know what we’re building... and... how to build. And... to be painfully honest (motions at the group), we definitely need some more competent folks on board. Sorry guys; I’m just keeping it real.

Joshua: Jude, there is One who is able... One who is strong. The bricks the builders rejected, God is using these for the foundation! Such bricks are beautiful and wonderful in His eyes.

Jude: Bricks?! What are we talking about? WHAT exactly is beautiful and wonderful?

Joshua: The Spirit of God is with me. He has sent me to share Good News with the poor... to heal the brokenhearted... to offer freedom to those held captive. Rejoice, I am here to give vision to the blind... and freedom to the oppressed! I am proclaiming the wondrous day of the Lord!

Jude: (exasperated) Okay fine, but a tangible plan would be a lot more helpful. Anyway, I’ll see you guys later… I have a meeting with Rev. Kayfus. (Jude exits.)

Martha: (playfully) Hey sweetie, I’m feeling kind of brokenhearted. Can you heal little ole me?

Joshua: (pausing) Martha, I know lots of things can be confusing... and just hard. All of this is made more problematic by the fact that a prophet is never respected in his own time and place.

Martha: Prophet? You think you’re a prophet? So... what do prophets think about?

Joshua: Martha... Martha... it’s not a matter of merely “thinking” something. Opinions... passing thoughts... they all change quickly. I’m talking about what really IS… what will endure forever.

Andrew: (perking up) Hey, speaking of things that ARE, can you prophecy as to where I can find some enduring food... tasty and plentiful? I’m absolutely famished!

Joshua: (sighing as he pulls out $20) Here Andrew, buy whatever you like. However, such foods will never satisfy real hunger... the ever-present gnawing in your belly. But there is no need to despair, there is a bounty of good food of which you are not yet aware.

Andrew: (intrigued) Hey guys, do any of you know where Joshua keeps his delectable edibles? (turning to Joshua) Seriously, they sound finger-licking good; I’d love to try them sometime.

Joshua: Soon Andrew… I’ll gladly share them with you. For now, here’s some more money (handing Andrew more cash). All of you... go have a healthy meal.

(The group shouts excitedly, “Thank you, Joshua!” and they merrily depart.)

John: (pausing... then pondering) Why can’t they understand?

Joshua: People’s minds have become dull, my friend. Their hearts have dried up… their ears are tired of hearing… their eyes tired of seeing...

Mary: (shyly interrupting) I see you. You are different from everybody I have ever known.

Joshua: (smiling) You’re different, too. Blessed are your seeing eyes… your hearing ears… and your heart that feels the real! Blessed are you, Mary. You are truly beautiful.

Mary: (humbly) How can you say that? (begins to cry) I’ve always wanted to be beautiful... beautiful to someone. Anyone who ever told me I was beautiful only ended up hurting me.

Joshua: (pauses… then softly touches Mary on her cheek) Mary, my sweet Mary.... I see all of you… and I see beautiful. (Music begins.) In this world there are many trials and troubles, but you do not need be afraid... or even anxious. Hear me, my friend; I will always be with you. In every element of hurt and heartbreak, remember this: I am overcoming the world!
(Joshua and John sing duet to Mary. Joshua hands her a purple letter during the song.)

So Much More

When you let your love shine through
Dancing into blue summer skies
When they look the other way
Fading into grey once again

Don’t Cry... I’ll be there with you
Oh, please believe it’s true
You can dry your weary eyes
Don’t Cry... Find the open door
There is so much more
Just outside your view

Sweet rain gently falling down
On the fallow ground... yesterday
Cold nights solemnly reply
Blackbirds in the sky spinning round

(All exit as the lights fade. Lights rise slowly... revealing the group sharing thoughts.)

Peter: That was a great meal… so, now what?

Matt: Well… we don’t have anything we need to be doing. What sounds fun to you guys?

Peter: Really?! Is that what you’ve learned so far? There is always SOMETHING that we could be doing… something beyond just having fun.

Joanna: I know what you mean, Peter. When Joshua was speaking earlier, something started waking up within me. (turning to the others) Aren’t you guys tired of just existing… thinking only about the things we’re wanting at any given moment?

Suzanna: I know I’m tired of the same ole... same ole... (pausing) Do any of you ever feel empty inside? I know I do.

Peter: I certainly do as well, Suzanna. There has to be something more to life… something calling us… something changing us… something that can change the world!

Thomas: That may be true… but what would it be? Joshua didn’t mention anything specific. Perhaps, we just need to seek happiness... and, of course, do some good things along the way?

Suzanna: (frustrated) That can’t be right; it’s not about us. We don’t even know what “good” is! Sure, things may seem “good”… or feel “good.” Joshua is talking about an enduring “GOOD!”

Matt: (nodding) You know what’s crazy? Lots of folks actually think we’re the good people. I’ve heard them call us “fine upstanding young people!” (laughing) Geesh... what does that say?

Peter: (laughing) People think we’re serving God by attending activities in a certain building. What about what we DO when we leave the building? When do we ever even consider what is pleasing to God? Think how we’ve treated Mary... for years. Is God pleased by any of this?

Chloe: Come on, Peter... who knows what God really desires? On the other hand, I think we all know what Mary wants. (piercingly) In fact, I think you know this rather intimately don’t you?

Peter: Here’s what I know: Mary wanted much better than what I gave... she deserved far better.

Thomas: Awww… come on Peter… I’m sure you didn’t do anything worse than lots of other folks. Maybe this is just how Mary is. I mean... who knows... she might just...

Peter: (interrupting sternly) Dang it, Thomas, it’s not how she is! (pausing while contemplating) It doesn’t matter what others have done… it matters what I’ve done! I don’t need excuses. It’s just like John and Joshua were telling us: We’ve got to change… (pausing) I’ve got to change.

(Everyone becomes silent as they consider Peter’s words. Mary appears with the purple letter; the group is shocked that she’s suddenly right there. They attempt to make her feel welcome.)

Suzanna: Hi Mary... uh... what’s going on? (Mary shyly comes nearer.) I want to... I mean... I’m sorry for the way I’ve treated you in the past. I wasn’t thinking clearly... about lots of things. Mary, can you please forgive me?

Matt: Me too, Mary. (Others make similar apologies.) We understand if you don’t trust us... cause... uh... we certainly haven’t earned your trust. (Mary stands stunned and unsure of what to do next. There is awkward silence as they simply stare at each other.)

Suzanna: (breaking the silence) Mary, is that another letter? What does it say?

(Mary excitedly opens the letter to read to everyone.)

Mary: He was an unknown from a village of poor reputation. To most, he was not highly esteemed; and yet, he would soon embody all that is Good. Although the world offered him no place to rest, he would provide an Eternal Home to all who followed him. For these believers,
he became the incarnation of Love – the presence of the Living God.

(Lights go out as the music begins. Joshua is singing, as he appears walking down the aisle. He sings directly to the group, and they join him on the chorus. Lights rise in myriads of color.)


Too long to be without a smile
The pain inside, you cannot hide
Come away and rest awhile
On skies of blue, I’ll carry you

Far from your barren fields
To sun-soaked dancing daffodils
Through singing mountain waterfalls
To vernal woods resounding call

Awake, can you hear the sound
That echoes in your soul
Awake, you have finally found
The One that makes you whole

Quickly will I come to you
Erasing fear… to dry each tear
Remember in the things you do
On crystal seas, you’ll walk with me

(During the last verse, the group gathers at Joshua’s feet. When the song ends, Joshua hands Mary a yellow letter. She walks to the side and opens the letter... and reads it to herself.)

Joshua: Friends, you must remember... the very things the builders rejected, our Father is using to make a bright and beautiful city... a lighthouse high atop the hill! Can you envision the parts?!

Andrew: Yes, you mean glorious buildings like this one... right?

Joshua: Actually Andrew, not at all. I’m talking about wonder... awe... illumination... action!

Sally: That’s what Andrew was saying... look at all this!

Joshua: (reflecting) Sally, let me be clear. (motioning) You see all of this fine architecture... yes, it’s certainly high quality. However, the time is coming when not a single brick will remain standing... it’ll all be demolished. (becoming upbeat) For something much greater is coming!

Chloe: (innocently) Greater than this?!

Joshua: (laughing rather than crying) Yes, Chloe... something much greater than this. Okay, let’s start over. God isn’t interested in these kinds of buildings. God is building in the realm of the unseen... in your minds... in your hearts... within your very souls. Do you now understand?

Peter: Yes, I think I got it! (pausing) Actually, can you say that one more time? I’m beginning to think myself into a stupor. There’s just so much for me to understand... too much for me to get right. Joshua, I think there’s simply too much for me to do!

Joshua: Yes, you’re right about that. (pausing while walking closer) Listen Peter, you don’t need to worry or fret, especially about yourself. (pausing) Walk outside... look at the birds… and notice how God takes care of them. Do you think a sparrow is more important than you?

Peter: (pondering) Uh... no... but what exactly should I be seeing? Can you teach me, Joshua?!

Joshua: Sure... that’s what I’m doing. Thank you, my friend... for simply wanting to know. My teachings will only be unknown fables to most. But Peter… you have been given eyes to see!

Peter: Really?! (laughing) Okay, I’ll take your word for it. If I ever see, what should I do then?

Joshua: (whimsically) Peter… would you put a lobster in a toaster?

Peter: (dumbfounded) Uh... I swear I just heard you ask me if I’d put a lobster in a toaster!

Joshua: Yes, you did. So... would you? Or, would you take a watermelon to the theater? Do you go to a donut shop for fresh fruits and vegetables? (Everyone looks bewildered.) Why do you know so much about such trivial matters… yet, so little about things that endure forever?

Peter: (laughing) I never thought of it quite like that. Why do I know so much about nothing... and so little about everything? (pausing) Joshua, I really do want to see with new eyes...
Joshua: (warmly) That’s why I’m here! (Joshua pulls out an acorn.) Do you know what this is? (Joshua hands the acorn to Peter... and he begins to study it.)

Peter: It’s an acorn isn’t it?

Joshua: Yes… and from what kind of tree did it fall? Roughly how many fall each day? What is inside each one? Why do the acorns fall from the tree? Should I go on?

Peter: No, I got it; I don’t know anything about acorns. (pausing... and then with excitement) But... I do know that squirrels really, really like them!

Joshua: (smiling) Yes, very much so. And... acorns fall from oak trees, sometimes by the thousands. Within each acorn is the potential to become a majestic tree soaring high into the sky... creating sanctuary for birds... cooling shade for animals... the perfect habitat for a rainbow of wildflowers. And in all of this... so much beauty and magnificence… Created just for you! Why didn’t you know these simple things? Peter, you must be still... consider... and believe!

Peter: So... I can figure it all out... kind of like that “stop and smell the roses” thing?!

Joshua: (laughing) Well… you’ve surely got room for improvement! (earnestly) Listen Peter, the Spirit is like the wind. It’s here… but from where did it come? Yes, you must seek... but it is our Heavenly Father that runs to you! When you trust like a child, you will see with new eyes!

Peter: (innocently) Will God actually come to me... (pausing) will He really help me?

Joshua: Peter, you didn’t hear me; He will RUN to you! He yearns to give you all that is Good... even the Kingdom of Heaven! That’s why you’re here. (pausing) That’s why I’m here.

Peter: (excited) Wow... fantastic! I mean, it sounds perfect. So... okay... let the fun times begin!

Joshua: (soberly) Peter, the days ahead will not be “fun.” Instead, I must suffer many things. I’ll be rejected by the religious leaders... abandoned by my friends... and... I will be put to death.

Peter: (distressed) What?!

Joshua: (calmly) Peter... don’t worry; that’s not the end. After three days, I will rise!

Peter: (increasing anxiety) I don’t know what you’re talking about... but please, enough about the suffering... and the dying! (shuddering) Geesh... all of that really bums me out.

Joshua: (strongly holding Peter by the shoulders) You are not thinking about God’s concerns... just the thoughts of men. Peter, you must hear God’s voice... not the rantings of the enemy.

Peter: (defending himself) I was thinking God was going to help us... not cause us to suffer... and to be killed. I’m just wanting what is good.

Joshua: (plainly) No Peter, you are not. Wanting what is good is not the same as accomplishing what is Good... being Good! What if you gained the whole world... but then, lost your very soul?

Peter: I guess I wouldn’t have gained very much. (pausing) I would’ve truly lost everything.

Joshua: Those who focus on saving their own lives will lose Life itself. But those who lay down their lives for their friends, they’ll find a wellspring of Life! For here, there is no greater Love!

(Peter looks perplexed and at a loss for words. Joshua exhales strongly, seemingly exhausted.)

Joshua: Okay, we’ve got lots to do… together. Think on these things while I go away to pray. I’ll see you soon.

(Joshua exits. Everyone waits until he is out of sight before continuing.)

Peter: Okay. I think I’m officially overwhelmed.

Jude: Did he say something about a putting lobster in a toaster?

Peter: Yes... and don’t take a watermelon to the theater.

Jude: See… it’s just like I’ve been telling you guys. Joshua has no substance… just poetics here and there… birds and acorns... considering this and that... being still. Come on people, can’t you
see this is circular silliness? Answer me! What’s his message? And... why can’t he just state it?

Peter: Jude, did you hear Joshua when he said his teachings would be only unknown fables to most people? But... if we are able to trust like a child... God will give us new eyes to see!

Jude: Well... that’s convenient! So... when he doesn’t have an actual answer, he says we don’t have the prerequisite new eyes to see? Wow, I must admit it... that’s quite the clever ploy.

Suzanna: (after a long pause) Ploy?! That would mean Joshua is being devious and dishonest!

Joanna: (pausing) I’m certain he’s not dishonest... and he’s clearly not devious! In fact, I think the only reason he’s teaching us is because he really does love us... for some reason.

Matt: (reflecting) So Jude, if we’re talking about someone who really seems to know, and who is always loving and earnest, isn’t the most sensible answer at hand: He is speaking the truth?!

Jude: Words, words, words… blah, blah, blah. Sensible? The truth?! Joshua has given us nothing but lofty words... and confusing ones at that! Where are the nuts and bolts; where is the action?! Why do you all get so worked up about a crazy poet... rambling on about suffering,
dying, rising, and all the rest? Come to think of it, maybe you guys just need a good psychiatrist!

(There is a considerable pause as everyone stops to look at each other.)

Chloe: He doesn’t seem at like a crazy poet to me. He’s like no one I’ve ever known... teaching what he seems to have actually seen and heard… like he’s been talking with God face to face! One thing is for sure: When he speaks, my spirit leaps… and my soul soars!

Jude: (sarcastically) Oh my... I’m tingling all over! (pointing at his arm) Look, I think I see a goose bump. It sounds to me like you’re just infatuated with your latest Prince Charming.

Sally: Jude, why does Joshua aggravate you so? What are you wanting from him?

Jude: (angrily) He doesn’t aggravate me! What is it with you people? I’m not wanting anything from him... except some answers! (composing himself) I hate to see people being deceived... it’s just... very sad really. (pausing) Can’t you see I’m genuinely concerned about all of you?

(Everyone sits quietly... pondering. Finally, all eyes settle on Mary.)

Suzanna: Mary, you don’t happen to have another letter do you?

Mary: (shyly excited) What if I said, “Yes!?” (Mary holds up the letter.)

Matt: What?! Why are we just sitting here? Let’s hear it!

(Everyone excitedly affirms the idea.... and turns their attention to Mary.)

Mary: To many, he was a stranger. And yet, people were not simply indifferent to him; many bitterly despised him. Instead of examining their own hearts, they dissected and denigrated his words and actions... even though few were willing to do so to his face. In truth, they were terrified of him. And right they were to fear. But, it was their own heart that was frightening... for they hated a man who gave only love – a love they could not understand.

Suzanna: (after contemplating) A love they could not understand? What’s so hard about love? (pausing) I guess I don’t understand.

(Joshua suddenly appears on the scene... along with a few adults.)

Joshua: (comically) Did I understand that someone here does not understand?

Thomas: I guess you could say that. It seems we need a few things spelled out to us.

Joshua: (contemplating) Spelled out... interesting concept. But... it doesn’t work quite that way.

Suzanna: (eagerly) Well... how does it work?!

Joshua: Great question, Suzanna! But first, how about saying “Hey!” to a few folks from the church? (smiling) I think some of you might even recognize your parents.

Joanna: (innocently) Why are they here?

Joshua: Another great question! And the answer is... for exactly the same reason as you! They want to know what is true. As you probably know, people often give quite varied accounts of the facts. These folks want to see and hear for themselves. By the way, that’s always a good idea.

Suzanna: (excitedly) Are you going to tell them to not put a lobster in the toaster?

Joanna: Yes... yes... also tell them about not taking watermelons to the theater!

Joshua: (laughing) We probably should save those profound matters for later. For now, do you remember that acorn we were discussing? If you had a tiny seed of faith... like that acorn... you could grow far greater things than the mightiest tree. Listen... you could move mountains... nothing could block the straight path. In fact, all good things would be possible for you!

Thomas: (laughing) Seriously?! That’s awesome! But for now, I’d settle for a better job.

Joshua: (earnestly) Why would you just settle? And more, you said “better”... better than what?

Thomas: (pausing... then reflecting) Honestly... I guess I don’t know what I’m talking about. How can I grow the kind of faith YOU were talking about?

Joshua: (with renewed energy) Sure! How about a few simple thoughts about what is good?

Jude: Perfect! I better record this. (Jude pulls out a smart phone to record.)

Joshua: Okay, here’s a good one: Blessed are the poor.

Martha: What?! Did you say “the poor?” What is blessed about being poor?

Joshua: Good question, Martha. And the answer is… theirs is the kingdom of heaven! Also, blessed are those who are hungry and thirsty.

Matt: (laughing) I think I’m missing something…

Joshua: Open your eyes, Matt! Clearly, it is the hungry who will be filled… it is the thirsty who will be given living water! And more, blessed are those who are now crying.
Joanna: (shyly, but with confidence) For they shall laugh?

(Rev. Kayfus wanders into the scene and watches. He slowly moves closer.)

Joshua: Exactly! They will indeed laugh… and play… and dance… and sing! And so, blessed are you when you are wrongfully ridiculed… even hated… because of the truth that is within you. In fact, leap for joy! For beyond these shadows, sparkling treasures are waiting for you.

Chloe: Sparkling treasures! Sweet... now you’re talking! Exactly what kind of treasures?

Joshua: (pausing) But cursed are you who are rich… for you have already received your reward.

Andrew: (rationalizing) Well... I think God wants us to have plenty...

Joshua: (interrupting) No Andrew, not just plenty. Our Father wants to give you everything… everything that is good! Open your hearts, my friends... for you cannot love God and the things of this world! This is why I tell you so strongly: Cursed are they who have everyone speaking well of them. For they will soon be deceived. Be clear; all earthly treasures will soon vanish.

Matt: (earnestly) So, what do we do while we’re here?

Joshua: (warmly) Great question, Matt. You must love God with all of your being… and likewise… you must love your neighbor as you love yourself.

Rev. Kayfus: (interrupting) Hello friends! I heard all the commotion and thought I should check things out... make sure everything was okay. So, let me clarify something while we’re all here. God created the world for us to enjoy. “And it was good...” remember that? We can’t be unappreciative of all the good things God has made... just for you. It’s really as simple as that.

Joshua: Yes, it is true that God gives us the Good things that endure forever. Our Father is the Creator of all that is Good... because He IS all that is Good! But remember, man chose his own way... and thus, man corrupted God’s Good gifts. For now, the kingdom of this world is led by the prince of this world... the very opposite of our Father’s heart and His Eternal Plan for Good.

Rev. Kayfus: (arrogantly) Clearly, you haven’t had training in scriptural exegesis... as you’ve taken everything out of context! Thankfully, I just happen to be directing a nationally televised Bible conference this evening! There will be lots of truth... and doughnuts! (laughing) All of
you should come... including you, Joshua. It’s time to know the truth... not just cutsie drivel!

Adult A: Amen! Young people, Rev. Kayfus is right. I’ve been listening to Joshua closely... and he clearly doesn’t care about what happens to you in the long-term. Don’t throw your lives away with fanatical ideas. People like Joshua just like to feel important. (Some adults nod.)

Jude: That’s what I’ve been telling you... and why I said to come hear for yourself. Joshua’s tales can be like termites in a house. If they’re not removed, they can destroy everything!

Adult B: Wait a second... that’s not right! I just heard Joshua talking about love... and what really matters... even teaching them how to think... how to consider... how to see and hear...

Rev. Kayfus: (interrupting and laughing) Sounds like someone is rambling a bit... kind of like Joshua if I might add. Look, who knows Joshua’s intentions... and more, who cares? What matters is the truth of the scriptures AND the traditions of the church! That’s why I’m here.

Adult C: Absolutely! Lot of folks have opinions... you know, the devil has opinions, too.

Rev. Kayfus: Amen and amen! That’s why we must be able to recognize the lies of the enemy! So, don’t worry; we’ll address all of this at the Bible conference. Even if you can’t attend, it’s available as a webinar... worldwide! Okay, can all the adults come with me... a few things need to be discussed further. As for you young people, you need to say your goodbyes to Joshua... and then, I’ll see you tonight. As for you, Joshua... if you won’t be accountable to the truth, you should simply leave today and never return. Be advised; I’m not going to put up with your lies!

(The adults depart with Rev. Kayfus, as the group sits silently... pondering what to do next.)

Matt: (earnestly) Joshua, you were talking about loving our neighbor. How do we treat the neighbors who hate us... people like Rev. Kayfus?

Jude: Matt, Rev. Kayfus doesn’t hate anybody! He just doesn’t want his church destroyed!

Matt: Are you deaf? He manifestly hates Joshua! Get real, Jude... he even threatened him! (pausing) Joshua, when someone is seeking to harm us, what do we do then?

Joshua: Some say to hate those who hate you; and yes, that would be the easiest thing. But I say to you, love your enemies and do good to those who treat you badly. Pray for those who take advantage of your kindness. In fact, if someone slaps you on one cheek, turn and offer him the other. If someone takes your shirt, chase him down and offer him your coat. If someone asks for 10 dollars, give him 20 instead. Forgive as you’d like to be forgiven. Give as you have been given… expecting nothing in return. Why?! So you can join God’s work... be His children!

Matt: But... how is that possible? I don’t think I can be... (pausing) I can’t even feel that loving. I mean... what if someone really, really hates me... or asks for $100?!

Joshua: Matt, it’s not about how much... or the amount. It’s not about how you feel. Know that God’s justice will always prevail in the end. Do what is right... Love! You will discover new strength! Remember, every good thing is possible with God. Consider, God’s doing it all the time… always giving... always loving. Friends, you must be perfect just as God is perfect!

Matt: (humbly) But… but… how could I ever do that? I’m not nearly good enough. I’m not strong or sure… I’m clearly not smart… (crying) Look at me, Joshua; I can’t even walk right!

Joshua: (warmly) Matt, right now, you are beginning to see. (passionately) If you only had a tiny seed of faith, you could run like the wind... in fact, you could soar like an eagle!

Matt: Joshua, please help me find this seed of faith. I want to run... I want to soar... I want to move those mountains!

Joshua: (rising to speak) Listen carefully: Ask every question, seek every answer, and knock on every door. (smiling) He will be there… in fact, He is already here!

Matt: (earnestly) Where?! I don’t see Him… help me see, Joshua. (desperately) Where is He?

Joshua: Here‚ my friend… right here. (Music begins as Joshua kneels in front of Matt… placing his hands on top of his crippled foot.)

Joshua: Do you believe, Matt? (He nods innocently. Joshua gently touches Matt’s face while looking into his eyes, whispering softly.) Rise, my friend; your seed of faith has healed you.

(Matt slowly rises; he soon begins jumping excitedly upon his new leg. He looks at everyone with wild astonishment… his eyes settling on Joshua. He runs to hug him... overcome with joy.)

Matt: Thank you, Joshua! Please help me do what God desires... to be who He wants me to be... to build what he wants me to build!

Joshua: Matt, hear me; you are the light of the world! (looking at everyone.) Friends, you are the salt of the earth! Together, we will build a shining city on a hill... for everyone to see!

(Joshua begins singing… and is joined by Matt on the chorus.)

Light of the World (Joyously)

Waking from your dream
That you thought was true
Waking to the life
That you always knew
Waiting on that shore
Someone you’ve seen before
Reaching his hand to you
Smile filled with love
Light of the World
You shine on me
Light of the World
Come walk with me
Light of the World
Oh help me see… Eternity

(When the song ends, Mary comes over and hugs Joshua and Matt. She then walks off to sit alone, as Joshua and Matt joyfully walk up the aisle. The group contemplates and considers.

Martha: Wow, that was certainly amazing! What are we going to make of that?

Jude: (nervously) Yeah... sure... I mean... that was really amazing. Good for Matt. (pausing) Still, I don’t see how you or I gained anything from all that. What has changed for the rest of us?

Martha: Yeah... I’m wondering how any of this fits into my life. Are we really supposed to be the light of the world? Think about it... I’m pretty sure we can’t do anything even close to that.

Thomas: I hear you, Martha. How do we become salt... how do we build a city... and upon what hill? (laughing) Remember the part about being perfect as God is perfect?! That’s impossible.

Sally: (astounded) Are y’all serious?! For our entire lives, Matt has been crippled. Today, he runs and jumps! You just saw Joshua heal him with your very own eyes! And yet, you guys are still just sitting here... doubting and disregarding the most beautiful things. How can that be?!

(Martha and Thomas bow their heads in shame, but Jude begins defending their positions.)

Jude: Hold on, Sally! Joshua is the one who said to ask… to seek… to knock. Remember that part? Surely, honest questions deserve honest answers… don’t they?

Sally: (with vigor) Jude, I know I’ve always been the stupid one… but even I know that he was talking about asking and seeking in faith… not cynically dissecting words!

Jude: So, are we against words now… or just words that aren’t his? God gave us a mind for thinking… as in considering the absurdity of an invitation to give away everything... (pausing) so we can be poor, hungry, and hated. What kind of an invitation is that?!

Mary: (boldly) Jude, it’s the real kind… the right kind… it’s the invitation to everlasting Life!

(Jude breaks out in twisted laughter as he walks towards Mary.)

Jude: (with venom) Yes, yes… I remember… you do know a lot about invitations don’t you? Oh holy lady of the evening, let’s reflect on a few of these...

John: (standing to move between Mary and Jude) The invitation is only for those who love him! For them, there is no confusion. Jude, you are quickly becoming a buffoon… a liar... even a scheming snake! If you continue on this path, you will end up knowing only the fires of hell! But for now, let me be clear: Leave Mary alone or you’ll be dealing with me!

(There is a sudden stir as Rev. Kayfus and two police officers burst in holding documents.)

Rev. Kayfus: (piously) Are we threatening people again, John?

John: (aggressively) Speaking the truth is not a threat... it’s just the way things are.

Rev. Kayfus: You don’t know how right you are, John. You’ll soon be dealing with a bit of truth yourself. In fact, you may be dealing with the law.

John: (pausing) And you will answer to the Maker of the Law! (John comforts Mary.)

Rev. Kayfus: (redirecting) Peter, I hope you’re not part of this unlawful conduct. What exactly is your role in all of this?

Peter: (nervously) Part of what? I don’t have any role. We’re just talking. (pausing, then fearfully) And... I was about to leave anyway. I’ll see you later, Reverend.

Rev. Kayfus: Where are you going, Peter… meeting Joshua? I heard you’re working with him.

Peter: (voice quivering) Working on what? I don’t know what you’re talking about…

Rev. Kayfus: (pointedly) Yes or no, Peter! Are you working with Joshua?!

Peter: (adamantly) No, I’m not working on anything with him! I hardly even know him. (backing away) I’ve really got to be going.

(Peter hurriedly exits as Rev. Kayfus laughs… delighting in Peter’s cowardice.)

Rev. Kayfus: (with false kindness) That’s what I thought, Peter. It’s high time you folks get your minds straight… and depart from your wicked ways! So, are you ready to do the right thing as well, John? This seems the perfect time to put aside the foolish and dangerous shenanigans...

John: (interrupting) You filthy serpent! People like you will never understand… for you cannot know the truth without being willing to embrace it! You are the one in danger! You blind fool… hypocrite! God is building His family through repentant hearts! You build only dens of iniquity! You’re a liar to the world… a liar to yourself! But today, (motioning) the axe will be laid to the root of the tree… and Kayfus, you will be the one cut down and thrown into the fire!

Rev. Kayfus: (calmly to the police officers) See… he is again threatening violence against me. Go ahead and execute the arrest orders.

(John turns and runs away. The officers hurriedly follow and when out of sight, the sound of gunfire is heard. Mary runs towards the sound, but Officer A returns in time to restrain her. He makes her sit down as he whispers to her. Mary puts her head in her hands and cries, as the
others (including Jude) huddle together in shock. Officer B returns.)

Officer A: (trying to calm everyone) It’s all over. There’s no longer any reason to be afraid.

Officer B: (towards Rev. Kayfus) The extremist is dead.

Rev. Kayfus: (feigning sincerity) Friends, this whole thing has been such a tragedy. It didn’t have to be this way. Things can get out of hand so quickly. Don’t you think it’s time we get back to being a happy church? People, we’ve got so many good things going on... so much good to experience (holding out his hand) I’m here for all of you.

(Everyone slowly walks off... seemingly lost in a daze. Mary remains sitting... mourning.)

Rev. Kayfus: (towards those departing) Okay, I’ll be looking to see y’all on Sunday!

(Music begins as the lights fade. A spotlight rises on Mary as she sings. Rev. Kayfus watches.)

Light of the World (Sadly)

Waking from your dream
That you thought was true
Waking to the life
That you always knew
Waiting on that shore
Someone you’ve seen before
Reaching his hand to you
Smile filled with love

Light of the World
You shine on me
Light of the World
Come walk with me
Light of the World
Oh help me see… Eternity

(Near the song’s end, Rev. Kayfus walks over to be closer to Mary. Joshua arrives during their conversation and observes from a distance.)

All words and music written by Jamie Aiken © 2017
(205) 515-3000


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Light of the World (Sadly)
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