The License to use the trademarked tools and curriculum of Jamie the Builder may be purchased through the Products link of this website.

If you are a camp owner, which do you desire most?

To maximize your camp’s mission and revenues year-round

To own the ideal tool for filling your summer sessions

To inspire thousands of children during the off-season

To have one-of-a-kind, All-American programming

To restore the Founding Principles of America

Then again, there’s no need to choose. You can have them all!

Project American Life (PAL) illumines the Great Cause of our Founders and the classic virtues they embodied in its pursuit. PAL’s four-day residential adventure provides in- depth exploration into America’s rich history through a series of experiential classes and simulations that foster an impassioned zeal for seizing the opportunities and duties of American citizenship! Students not only discover the wisdom of our Founders, but also aspire to walk in their shoes. Yes, Project American Life is the comprehensive curriculum that vividly creates The Place where America’s Founding Principles Come to Life!
Parable Trek uses the same curriculum and educational method as PAL. However, since Parable Trek serves Christian groups, instructors use Biblical texts as moral foundations. Discussions and closing thoughts naturally expand into more spiritual topics as well. In all facets of Parable Trek, participants are compelled to pursue their deepest dreams and highest callings within the context of a coherent and cohesive Biblical worldview.
Maximum Business Adventures (our MBA program) vividly assist participants in mastering the study of business ~ and costs only a fraction of the university version! Moreover, this experiential economic adventure explores core business principles, role-plays managerial methods, and enhances overall company unity. Not surprisingly, America’s rich history of liberty is the paradigm within all facets of the program. The PAL Business Adventure is for corporate professionals, their employees, and anyone desiring to maximize success within the realms of free enterprise, entrepreneurship, and American Exceptionalism. Because of the inherent value of this product, PAL Business Adventures deliver highly lucrative returns. The PAL Business Adventure curriculum may be purchased for $50,000, but it is only available to camps who have operated PAL for at least two seasons. The PAL Business Adventure is presented by appointment only and after signing a nondisclosure agreement.
Your Outdoor University (YOU) is designed to support traditional learning by providing creative and exciting approaches to the subjects taught in school. Students enjoy the informal outdoor atmosphere and open themselves to new growth experiences. All facets of YOU programming (from classes, field groups, and hands-on activities to meals, music, and games) have been specifically designed to motivate lifelong learning. In addition, students develop a success- oriented mindset through goal setting, cooperation, leadership, and service. The YOU curriculum has also been employed in therapeutic retreats for special groups, including mentally challenged adults, adults struggling with mental illness, and special needs children.

“Building the City on a Hill” in today’s cultural climate is certainly no easy task. However, if one is serious about reaching this lofty goal, the essential strategic objective must be to inspire the hearts, minds, and souls of the coming generations. So... how will this vital mission be tangibly accomplished? Here’s a concrete answer: Own the rights to Jamie the Builder’s state-of-the-art adventures and you will be in possession of the most unique, life-inspiring, and marketable off-season programming in America!

PAL aligns with State Standards

PAL aligns with National Standards

These one-of-a-kind tools equip camp owners to serve students in grades 3 though 8 in school systems of all varieties ~ public, private, and parochial. Schools can know that they are choosing the finest field-trip opportunities that are available. Imagine the difference it would make if thousands upon thousands of schoolchildren were inspired to live out their American Dreams and thus help in Building the City on a Hill? Jamie the Builder’s proven tools can make these greatest of dreams come true!
"The Shining City on a Hill" Much has changed since 1776. There has been unparalleled positive building during the last 234 years ~ not surprising considering the strong foundation upon which this nation was constructed. But in recent decades, much has begun to crumble. This, too, is not surprising since large portions of the structure of 1776 have been removed ~ plank-by-plank. As with any building, there comes a time when it is no longer able to withstand such deterioration. But, the good news is that our foundation is still strong. Take a moment to consider all the good things that today’s young people have never heard about... all of the wonder that they have never experienced... all of the majesty they have never known. As always, darkness is not overcome by merely cursing it. Rather, even the darkest night is obliterated by morning’s light! America’s Founders believed that we could illumine our world... we could even be like a “shining city on a hill.”
In every struggle that we face, our nation’s founding principles hold abiding promise. We can surely rebuild if we use blueprints that work! This is why this website exists. Here you will find proven tools. This is not the time for spouting slogans when victory is within our grasp! The “shining city on a hill” is waiting... you can make it happen! It would be our pleasure to provide you with these unique tools, along with our continuing assistance.
The question is not, “How to do it?” The question is, “Who will do it?”
Let us remember that just 56 Signers started our great nation. Those who have seen PAL in action know that just 56 new PAL operators would tangibly hold the promise of restoring it. Perhaps you are one of them ~ or you know of some person or organization who might be? In order to accomplish the work, we need a crew ~ more specifically, Crew 56!
Consider what would be possible if today’s young people yearned to possess the virtues of our Founders. What would our nation be like if they sought to build the nation originally envisioned, even the City on a Hill? Project American Life profoundly equips young people with a working knowledge of America’s rich heritage, including the moral vision and sacred honor of our Founders. Even more significantly, it inspires these students to walk in the Founder’s shoes, to join their Great Cause!
Project American Life is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All donations are tax-deductible.