PDF of "Remember"

PDF of "Remember"

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If God entered our world today...
Would we recognize Grace and Truth walking among us?
“You’re not a story I once read
You’re not a thought I made up in my head
Yes, I believe that you are here with me
You walk with me just like you did before
And I believe that you will stay with me
And guide me to the place where you are”

© 2017 Words and music written by Jamie Aiken
The pdf file of this musical is available for FREE to groups who wish to perform it.  A sample soundtrack can be made available upon request as well.


When you order this product, a request will be generated for the file to be sent to you. Please allow 7 to 10 days for the file to be sent. You may also contact us directly by sending an email to projectj@bellsouth.net

An excerpt of the musical is here on the site.