PAL's M.B.A. Degree
PAL's M.B.A. Degree
PAL's M.B.A. Degree

PAL's M.B.A. Degree

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Maximum Business Adventure (M.B.A.)

Our M.B.A. program genuinely assists participants in mastering the study of business ~ and it costs only  a fraction of the university version!  Moreover, this experiential economic adventure explores core business principles, role-plays managerial methods, and enhances overall company unity. 

Not surprisingly, America’s rich history of liberty is the paradigm within all facets of the program.  The PAL Business Adventure is for corporate professionals, their employees, and anyone desiring to maximize success within the realms of free enterprise, entrepreneurship, and American Exceptionalism. 

Project American Life Business Adventures

“Where American Exceptionalism Comes Alive!”

Purpose: To examine core economic principles, role-play managerial methods, and develop a unity of purpose while discovering the source of America’s success. Unlike programs providing only team-building exercises, P.A.L. inculcates business excellence through dynamic simulations.

Audience: Attendees consist of business professionals, corporate executives and their employees, as well as any company simply desiring to understand the core principles of Liberty, as expressed in free enterprise, entrepreneurship, and American Exceptionalism.

Because of the inherent value of this product, PAL Business Adventures deliver highly lucrative returns.  The PAL Business Adventure curriculum may be purchased for $50,000 and is presented by appointment only and after signing a nondisclosure agreement.


Getting Started:

1.)Call or email Jamie Aiken.  He will gladly answer any applicable questions. 

Email:  Phone: 205-823-8446 or 205-515-3000

2.)Request nondisclosure agreement, textbooks and a contract.  Review thoroughly.

3.)Sign and notarize nondisclosure agreement.  Sign and notarize contract.  Keep the originals and return copies with any applicable fees.  Upon receipt of contract, you will receive (by email and mail) a certificate of License for both Project American Life and Your Outdoor University 

4.) You will also be sent additional hard copies of the textbooks (10 copies of each) along with information on how to order future copies (These will be provided at simply the costs incurred by the Licensor (roughly $10 per book presently).  If desired, we will also send Licensees brochure templates, sample form letters, supply lists, etc. at no additional costs.  Licensees are free to use and/or modify these materials at their discretion.  

4.)Call to set up your 6 hours of included consultation with Jamie Aiken.

5.)Get ready for a most rewarding adventure – for you and your staff.