Parable Trek (medium)
Parable Trek (medium)
Parable Trek (medium)
Parable Trek (medium)

Parable Trek (medium)

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By providing inspirational exploration into American history, Project American Life (PAL) brings to life the noble dreams of our Founders and the classic virtues that they embodied. 

The four-day residential challenge is a series of experiential classes and simulations that foster an impassioned zeal for seizing the duties of American citizenship.  Not only do students discover the wisdom of our Founders, they also are inspired to walk in their shoes.

Parable Trek (Building the City on a Hill) uses the same curriculum and educational method as PAL.  However, since Parable Trek serves Christian groups, instructors use Biblical texts as moral foundations.  Discussions and closing thoughts naturally expand into more spiritual topics as well.  In all facets of Parable Trek, participants are compelled to pursue their deepest dreams and highest callings within the context of a coherent and cohesive Biblical worldview.

“Building the City on a Hill” in today’s cultural climate is certainly no easy task.  But if one is serious about reaching this most lofty goal, the essential strategic objective must be to inspire the hearts, minds, and souls of the coming generations.  But how will this vital mission be accomplished?  Here’s a most concrete answer:  Own the rights to Jamie the Builder’s state-of-the-art adventures, Project American Life and Your Outdoor University, and you will be in possession of the most marketable off-season programming in America.   

    • PAL aligns with State Standards

    • PAL aligns with National Standards

These one-of-a-kind tools equip camp owners to serve students in grades 3 though 8 in school systems of all varieties ~ public, private, and parochial. 

Schools can know that they are choosing the finest field-trip opportunities that are available.  Imagine the difference it would make if thousands upon thousands of schoolchildren were inspired to live out their American Dreams and thus help in Building the City on a Hill?

Project American Life illumines the Great Cause of our Founders and the classic virtues they embodied in its pursuit.  PAL’s four-day residential adventure provides in-depth exploration into America’s rich history through a series of experiential classes and simulations that foster an impassioned zeal for seizing the opportunities and duties of American citizenship!  Students not only discover the wisdom of our Founders, but also aspire to walk in their shoes. Yes, Project American Life is the comprehensive curriculum that vividly creates The Place where America’s Founding Principles Come to Life! 

Using the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution as the intellectual and moral foundations, Project American Life addresses personal meaning and some of life’s highest purposes by asking fundamental questions:  Who... What... Where... and Why am I? In PAL’s hands-on activities, students reach for the core virtues of the program ~ the founding principles of America.   

As in 1776, vital truths become self-evident as students discover the 4 Cs of Citizenship: CLARITY • COMPASSION • COURAGE • COMMITMENT.  Our founding documents create an enduring blueprint for our Democratic Republic.  The starting point is quite revolutionary, “We the people.”

Financials (Revenues vs. Expenses): 

Group sizes can range from 50 to 250.  As with any program, larger groups maximize profit margins. PAL is considered the gold standard of outdoor programming (as it best aligns with the academic requirements of schools).  Thus, its tuition fees have never been a determining issue for respective clients.  Schools have often done whatever was required in order to give their students this unique opportunity.  (References from low income schools can be provided – giving testimony to the lengths teachers will go to provide the PAL experience to their students.)

Individual camps, of course, can charge whatever they desire, but $250 per student for the four-day program has proved a good starting point.  The following weekly revenues can be expected:

# of Students:            Revenues:

    75                             $18,750

    150                           $37,500

    250                           $62,500

Each camp can best estimate their costs for providing food and lodging.  The costs involved in staffing are minimal:  Teacher / student ratios should be 1 to 10 and first-time PAL teachers have traditionally been paid $300 (plus room and board) per program week.  Pay scales can be set up to reward experienced PAL teachers since they are key to long-term program quality and cohesion.  Additionally, as PAL is such a unique educational program, you may be able to establish partnerships with colleges.  In that way, students receive course credit for experiential teaching thus giving camp owners quality instructors for FREE!  In such a relationship, the camp owner holds the student’s course grade, making the students highly motivated to meet expectations.  You know best about all other ancillary costs of operating residential programs.  

Licensing Process (costs, contract, and specific steps):

Costs:  You can obtain the License to use the Project American Life trademarks and curriculum, and thus operate its life-inspiring program.  The following rates would apply:

Camps with camper capacities of less than 100: $25,000*

Camps with camper capacities between 100 and 200: $35,000*

Camps with camper capacities of 200 or more: $40,000*

*Price represents the average gross revenue from just one week of PAL programming.   There is an annual fee of $5,000 to keep the License active as well as providing the Licensee with a wealth of ongoing support, including links, products, consultation, and staffing resources.  

During this introductory period, camp owners who purchase Project American Life (PAL) will receive Your Outdoor University (YOU) as a FREE bonus.  If purchased separately, YOU is available for $15,000 regardless of the size of the camp. 

Contract:  The Licensing Agreement is a succinct, standard contract including core components:

1.) The specific camp (Licensee) is granted the complete legal rights to use the trademarks and curriculum of Project American Life and Your Outdoor University.  

2.) Both the Licensor and Licensee are identified as independent contractors in standard legal language so that neither is liable for / to the other in any way.  

3.)The specific camp is designated along with the applicable pricing.

4.)Services provided to the Licensee are itemized:  i.e., continued availability of the PAL and YOU textbooks (including updated versions), 6 hours of start-up consultation from Jamie Aiken (this time can be used in whatever ways the Licensee wants to spend it).  

5.)There are no exclusive territories (Licensees can market wherever they choose).

6.)The contract becomes active when it is signed, notarized and the respective fees paid.  

That’s it!

Limitations:  The License applies to the location of the camp noted in the contract.  Expansions to additional locations (or re-locations) are permissible if / when a new License is obtained for the new site.  Granter of License will not deny expansion or re-location to new sites and the costs and terms for such License will remain the same as for the initial License.

Getting Started:

1.)Call or email Jamie Aiken.  He will gladly answer any applicable questions.  

Email or call 205-823-8446

2.)Request nondisclosure agreement, textbooks and a contract.  Review thoroughly.

3.)Sign and notarize nondisclosure agreement.  Sign and notarize contract.  Keep the originals and return copies with any applicable fees.  Upon receipt of contract, you will receive (by email and mail) a certificate of License for both Project American Life and Your Outdoor University 

4.) You will also be sent additional hard copies of the textbooks (10 copies of each) along with information on how to order future copies (These will be provided at simply the costs incurred by the Licensor (roughly $10 per book presently).  If desired, we will also send Licensees brochure templates, sample form letters, supply lists, etc. at no additional costs.  Licensees are free to use and/or modify these materials at their discretion.  

4.)Call to set up your 6 hours of included consultation with Jamie Aiken.

5.)Get ready for a most rewarding adventure – for you, your staff, and scores of campers!