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Your Outdoor University (YOU)
Your Outdoor University (YOU)

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Your Outdoor University (Y.O.U.)


Your Outdoor University (YOU) is “the very best in outdoor experiential education” minus the political agendas and controversies of many “environmental programs.”   YOU is an academically challenging adventure inspiring a zeal for learning, supporting traditional virtues, and promoting an appreciation for the wonder and magnificence of nature.  Simply put, YOU is a field-trip that everyone supports enthusiastically:  parents, teachers, administrators… and certainly the students! 

Your Outdoor University (Y.O.U.) is designed to support traditional learning by providing creative and exciting approaches to the subjects taught in school.  Students enjoy the informal outdoor atmosphere and open themselves to new growth experiences.  All facets of Y.O.U. programming (from classes, field groups, and hands-on activities to meals, music, and games) have been specifically designed to motivate lifelong learning.  In addition, students develop a success-oriented mindset through goal setting, cooperation, leadership, and service. 

The Y.O.U. curriculum has also been employed in therapeutic retreats for special groups, including mentally challenged adults, adults struggling with mental illness, and special needs children.

The childlike question of “why” underlies the methodology applied in all facets of Your Outdoor University‘s educational model. Everything is designed to stimulate the curiosity with which we are born. Thus, the new mission could be defined as the process of mining the inquisitive nature and wisdom of our most precious resources – the children themselves. 

Your Outdoor University’s challenge is return the wonders of the great outdoors to their all-too-often flat-screen worlds. As adults we clearly possess knowledge and judgment that children do not have; however, we must use these gifts in humble assurance that we are simply the honored conductor, not the music. For we do not desire children who can merely recite our notes, but rather children who can play their own. It is then that they can delight in their discoveries, and we all can delight in the crescendo of our symphony.

“I wish I could come back to be in your group again. I will try to make the world a better place for you and me. Your friend…” -Adam, Age 11

“I experienced friendship, learning and having more fun than I ever imagined I could.” -Chris, Age 11

Projected Revenues by owning a license to operate Y.O.U.

Group sizes can range from 50 to 300.  Compared to the complexity of PAL, Your Outdoor University is a proverbial walk in the park.  Teacher / student ratios can be larger, starting staff salaries can be less, and staff training is a much simpler task.  Schools will expect to pay in the neighborhood of $200 per student for a four-day program of this nature.  Some teachers will prefer the less intense and more casual experience as well.  YOU staff members may or may not be as dedicated as PAL staff members, but they are surely easier to acquire or replace.  

# of Students:        Revenues:

    75                          $15,000

    150                        $30,000

    250                        $50,000

Contract:  The Licensing Agreement is a succinct, standard contract including core components:

1.) The specific camp (Licensee) is granted the complete legal rights to use the trademarks and curriculum of Project American Life and Your Outdoor University.  

2.) Both the Licensor and Licensee are identified as independent contractors in standard legal language so that neither is liable for / to the other in any way.  

3.)The specific camp is designated along with the applicable pricing.

4.)Services provided to the Licensee are itemized:  i.e., continued availability of the PAL and YOU textbooks (including updated versions), 6 hours of start-up consultation from Jamie Aiken (this time can be used in whatever ways the Licensee wants to spend it).  

5.)There are no exclusive territories (Licensees can market wherever they choose).

6.)The contract becomes active when it is signed, notarized and the respective fees paid.  

That’s it!

Limitations:  The License applies to the location of the camp noted in the contract.  Expansions to additional locations (or relocations) are permissible if / when a new License is obtained for the new site.  Licensor will not deny expansion or relocation to new sites and the costs and terms for such License will remain the same as for the initial License.

Getting Started:

1.)Call or email Jamie Aiken.  He will gladly answer any applicable questions.

 Email:  Phone: 205-823-8446

 2.)Request nondisclosure agreement, textbooks and a contract.  Review thoroughly.

3.)Sign and notarize nondisclosure agreement.  Sign and notarize contract.  Keep the originals and return copies with any applicable fees.  Upon receipt of contract, you will receive (by email and mail) a certificate of License for both Project American Life and Your Outdoor University 

4.) You will also be sent additional hard copies of the textbooks (10 copies of each) along with information on how to order future copies (These will be provided at simply the costs incurred by the Licensor (roughly $10 per book presently).  If desired, we will also send Licensees brochure templates, sample form letters, supply lists, etc. at no additional costs.  Licensees are free to use and/or modify these materials at their discretion.  

4.)Call to set up your 6 hours of included consultation with Jamie Aiken.

5.)Get ready for a most rewarding adventure – for you, your staff, and scores of campers!

Options (our ala carte’ menu):

1.)At rate of $200 / hour, you can arrange (if you desire) additional consultation with Jamie Aiken beyond the 6 hours included with your purchase.  For no charge, we will host your desired information on any of our websites as well as link to your website.  

2.)Specific territorial exclusion from other PAL sites can be purchased if a camp desires such assurances.  (Such “exclusive site territories” will only be granted in states where PAL is not already operating.)  The boundaries and associated costs will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis; however, the Licensor personally believes that “exclusive site territories” are not nearly as valuable as simply maintaining quality programming.  The best way to guarantee a constant customer base is to have satisfied schools attending PAL at your camp.  Like anyone, teachers will usually stay with the people / place they know.  Furthermore, there is certainly no shortage of students.  The more schools know about PAL, the more likely it is that teachers will be enthusiastically contacting you.  

3.)The national PAL headquarters has vast quantities of video footage and photography featuring all of the activities of the program.  This media can be provided to you in both CD and DVD formats.  You may edit the media in any way that suits your marketing needs and subsequently use the media as you wish.  One of our graphic designers can put a customized package together for you (or have him send you all of the unedited media). 

4.)The national PAL headquarters will be expanding networking opportunities (i.e., web links, bulletin boards, staffing referrals, national media, etc.) as the need arises and in ways that best serve the goals of those partnering in the national movement.  Clearly, there are many ways that such an association can be of assistance:  i.e., sharing instructors, sharing grant writing strategies and information on corporate partnerships, sharing fundraising techniques for low-income schools, etc.  

5.)As camp owners may have specific desires or points of interest, we are open to considering options that best suit your needs.  We appreciate your feedback and candor in such matters and will do our best to accommodate your unique situations.